Grandmothers Healing Haka® 
December 2022 NEWSLETTER
Ki te auaha i to moemoea me maia
Ki te whakapono me te whakawhirinaki ki a koe ano me aroha mai i roto
Kia kotahi tatou ki te kawe mai i te Ao Hou
mai i te hohonutanga o o tatou ngakau

To manifest your dream you need courage
To believe and to trust in yourself requires love from within
Let us unite to bring about a new world from the depths of our hearts

Kia ora dear friends and family
Greetings and blessings from both hemispheres, from the Swiss mountains to the oceans of Aotearoa New Zealand.
We love to share with you our journey as your journey is much a part of ours.
Let us be more who we truly are and create the new world we truly desire.

Tihei wa mauri ora

HRA Te Puawai Formation
21-28 October
Domaine des Eveils, Chardenoux
The potency of Te Puawai’s flower bud was present during our week.
We began dreaming together sleeping marae style, which brought us all much closer.
Reconnecting with the many layered memories of our work before with HRA Te Kakano & HRA Te Tipu, the Celebration de la Terre Unie and all our past seminars gave good ground to receive the teachings. It’s always a pleasurable experience to learn and to do ceremony around the POU AHU.
A magic highlight we will always remember was among the trees, beneath the POU AHU. In front of the night fire groups shared their versions of the Maori Creation Stories. We all were filled with joy, laughter and the wonder of creation.

GMHH Personal Accompaniment, SZC Coaching
and Quantum Healing Hypnoses
now by phone, online and in person
Since this year it is a pleasure that we can offer also one on one sessions with our extended capacities.

We have started with great pleasure to offer private sessions in person and over video call for any Grandmothers Healing Haka elements that you have learnt during the GMHH seminars, to go deeper into the matter and integrate it more into daily life.

Since accomplished our formation of Quantum Healing Hypnoses Therapy, we have been able to offer one off 5 hour meetings in person, where the clients bring their requests for transformation, change, clarification in life and health. Many beautiful miracles have already happened.

Last October Waimaania started her training as a Seelenzentrierte (Soul Centered) Coach and is enjoying the long term accompaniment, which she offers to those who are wishing to live their lives more to the full, independent, connected and soul centered.

Please contact us if any of these are interesting you.
19 November
By Raven Spirit, in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland

A magical group of men had the calling to gather on this day, coming from different parts of Switzerland. We were given the honors to learn the Hinewai Song of the Water Maiden. She graced us while each man presented their Pepeha. This welcoming process opened our hearts, to welcome, honor and respect ourselves, our ancestors and our roots.
This excelled us forward through the Iho Tane Haka. We awakened and energized more and more as we reached it’s completion. Wow! We did it together in such a short time!
We could also deepen and intensify our experience, ending with a simple water ceremony. We shared our intentions and made our offerings toward world peace singing Hinewai’s song.

Thanks again to Thomas, Chandika and family for hosting us.

Next Iho-Tane, 18 February, by Raven-Spirit in Lenzburg!
Muramura Healing Haka Ceremonial Night
25 November, 19-22h,
By Jerôme Rey, Nidau, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland:
I came with great happiness to meet Ojasvin and Weimaania for this magnificent Muramura Ceremony.The simplicity and the accuracy of Jerome's welcome immediately gave me the feeling of finding this magnificent family of souls.

I am always amazed at the simplicity but complexity of everything that happens. Each word and each gesture has a meaning that is redrawn, and which takes on a deep, existential meaning. Like when the morning sun shines on a simple little tuft of grass, but because of this particular light, it becomes a richness that carries us through the day. By returning to this essential simplicity we touch a very great and profound dimension.

The muramura dance in the hall was for me an intense experience of a very strong density of energy that brought us together in a dance of Life: a connection in which each one had a unique and irreplaceable place.
The moment outside was pure magic. Completely connected to our Earth and mixing the visible and the invisible. All the elements were there: air, earth, water, fire. The feeling this time was not only to be connected to other humans, but to be connected to all planes. I am deeply impressed by the magnificent alternation of the circle of men and women who took turns to walk towards the fire. The night was all around us and once we women retreated, the men seemed to appear from nowhere to dance towards the fire before retreating in turn. The whole thing felt like a beating heart. So beautiful and powerful!

I leave with something essential, that I can't name, that is deep inside me and that will spread around me in the coming weeks.
My gratitude is so great to you both and to all of you.

26 November
By Raven Spirit, in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland
HAKA! how long have i wanted to learn these powerful movements?
Fascinated and with goose bumps feeling i have seen the videos of the All Blacks, Jason Mamoa, funerals or weddings. But it was also important to me to learn this as originally as possible. That's how I "accidentally" came across this invitation.

The reception was very warm and cordial. after the arrival of all 14 women, Waimaania introduced herself. I immediately felt at ease, immersed in a strange and yet familiar world. After inviting different goddesses, the first steps, the first shiver. Waimaania made the maori announcements, we responded with simple hi, ha.

Interesting lessons in maori mysticism, tradition and way of life way of life followed. I observed interested, fascinated women with bigger and bigger and shining eyes. As we learnt the next sequence of movements, we were all filled with a force, a power, a connection with the earth, the primal mother, the water. We are one.

We sent with the setting sun our gratitude into the west.
This is my feedback on the "adventure".

I am still in the haka feeling and would like to say thank you. thank you for giving us an insight into this culture, for sharing your knowledge with us and for being such a wonderful mediator.
With warm greetings from Bieu-Bienne


Next Hine Ahi, by Raven-Spirit, 18 March 23 in Lenzburg !
Online Refresher Nights
URI MARAMA TOA and POU UIRA Healing Haka® 2h
We love offering these energetic havens, our Refreshers to the whanau whanui/global family.

These few hours per month are created from the requests of those who attend. This is always exciting because we never know what’s on the program and some questions can make us dig very deep.

Some feedback:
From the opening ceremony we find this energizing, unifying and grounding.
After singing, doing exercises, being in meditation, sharing our experiences and deepening the Haka. Together we feel a profound transformation within that small time space. A quite presence and a content state of peace and happiness.
Bagan Films and l'Académie de l'Acte present
A film by Arnaud RIOU and Maud BAIGNÈRES

Those who have had a chance to be part of one of the wonderful pre-premiere may have noticed us in the film Etugen
by Arnaud Riou and Maud Baignères.

We are hearing splendid reviews about this well awaited work of Shamanic Art, with full movie theaters all over the french speaking Europe.
We are honored to be part of this creation and being amongst our friends.

Healing Haka® Seminar
3-5 February 2023
Lüneburgerheide, Germany
for Equinox
20 March 2023,
19-21h Swiss Time, online
with Waimaania and Ojasvin
21-23 April 2023
Neuchâtel Region, Switzerland


Healing Haka® Seminar
10-12 November 2023
British Colombia, Canada