Grandmothers Healing Haka® 

Kia tae nga wai whakaora ki nga takutai o o tatou ngakau
I te mea he whanau whanui matou
Kotahi i te aroha, te marama me te rangimarie

May the healing waters reach the shores of our hearts
As we are one family
United in love, light and peace

Kia ora dear friends and family.

 Our family continues to grow. As the Light and Love pursues to glow. We engage onward in unity and peace through our Songs, Dances, Practices and Ceremonies.
We love to share with you our journey as your journey is much a part of ours.
Let us be more who we truly are and create the new world we truly desire.

Tihei wa mauri ora
Kia kotahi te moemoea, kia piritahi
Kia kotahi tonu tatou
let there be one dream, let it be together.
Let us always be united
19 March
Affoltern um Albis, Switzerland
This day was a whole new experience for me; simply empowering and beautiful. In the security of a women's circle, I was able to spend valuable time with other women. It was an opportunity to get closer to yourself again. In a loving & powerful way, Waimaania guided the group/me through the whole day, step by step or « row by row ». Sometimes I felt like I was being taken on a very special journey.

I was given the space to connect with my own feminine essence. This connection was nurtured and increasingly strengthened through singing together, dancing the haka and rituals. My mind calmed down. I could feel my body slowly relaxing. My movements became more fluid - my breath too. At the end of the day my heart felt warmer and lighter. Dear Waimaania, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experience, wisdom and joy with me. I'm already looking forward to the next trip!
In connection. Arohanui
Next HINE AHI Raven Spirit Switzerland
10 September 2022, 13:30 - 18:00 Uhr

25-27 March
Haut-Jura France
Meetings and reunions of men among themselves in these beautiful heights of the Jura, within which we were able to let strength and vulnerability express themselves, with an open heart, as was the sky during these three days.
What a sweet joy to live in such simplicity these moments of trust and connection. And thus quite naturally put our limits to the test.... Even if it means sometimes to feel very strongly the spirit of the Ice-Cold-Water slipping between our feet for an intense morning ceremony in the river! Shin's spirit was very present with us.

Next IHO-TANE Jura France
9-11 September 2022, 13:30 - 18:00 Uhr
IHO TANE Refresher online
10 August 2022,19-21h Zurich Time

9 April
Affoltern um Albis, Switzerland
A courages group of men gathered with Raven Spirit to explore their male & female qualities. The men were quite astonished how quickly we had all jelled together, as we had come from different parts of Switzerland and one man from Germany. For some who were sent by their parntner or mother. This had been quite a new experience for them. The interweaving soft song of Muramura with it’s hard and firery haka dance brought us all to an intense liberating and enjoyable synergy.
Next IHO-TANE Raven-Spirit Switzerland
Saturday 13 August 2022, 13:30 - 18:00 Uhr
6-8 May
Haut-Jura, France
Thank you for your email and your words. It is with pleasure that I transmit to you some of my feelings.

This seminar of encounter with the Conch was the space of a weekend, a door that opens... I felt deeply connected to the elements, to Water in particular, to our luminous origins, to my femininity and to Women in general. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Waimaania for your accompaniment full of sweetness and joy and to Ojasvin and Alain for being the guardians of this space.


Haka Rongo Aio TE TIPU Graduation
11-15 May, Drôme, France

Whow...! We created a magical world and we surely danced together our lives into peaceful harmony in those 5 days in Domaine de Sagnol up in the mountains near Valence. Te Tipu whanau (the members of our graduating 3 year formation) were in peak form and we had radiated this out to the audience during the local concert.

Family, close friends, former Te Kakano and new Te Puawai students had all arrived from far and wide to feast upon our graduation Holy Hangi and be entertained in the evening with another concert.
The Presentation Day was marvelous, each project presented by the students were so unique and authentic. This graduation of Te Tipu, the shoot, had reflected the endurance, perseverance and faith we all put into action during the challenging times we had experienced.

We created the nickname Te Tipu Bamboo, reminding us of the POU AHU in Chardenoux that we had erected with Michael and Aroha during our first year of formation, where in one year a bamboo had shot up growing more than 6 meters. We all had to grow extremely quickly learning together to be flexible yet firm to weather these stormy times.

Te Tipu Memories condensed into 10 minutes
20 May Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
It was laugh at first site with Jerome Rey a founder of the Soul n’Spirit Festival whom we had met via zoom. He had gathered a delightful group to meet us for the first time. The venue was next to the lake of Biel. We set off with the waka haka and the group began to merge and meld which launched us into the magic syllables and lightful octaves of the Nunonani melody.

Like a breathing flower the harmonic pulsing of the 3 sacred circles started to spiral upward, propelling us into ceremony. We had embarked in the ocean of stars and the veil between the worlds were no more. During the sharing people had experienced returning home, a timelessness, a moment where inside was outside and we were one with the tree spirits and water beings.
PEKA - MAORI Mariage
24 May Altrip, Germany
Yumm... home away from home! It is said; one way to a mans heart is though the stomach. In the family garden of Peter in the village of Altrip, not far from Mannheim, an intimate group had assembled around the Peka, which is a traditional Bosnian technique to cook food in a big pot on the embers, similar to the Maori Hangi, where the food gets cooked on the heated rocks.

Everyone felt very home in the heart that evening. As we all shared our pepeha/origins, stories and songs, our hearts opened more and more. This gave space for the invisible worlds to intervene. Each of us felt very empowered as we could connect to our ancestors. From the top of our hearts to the bottom of our belly’s we really enjoyed this delicious food and danced the POU UIRA Haka to celebrate the gift of life and the spirit of whanau.
26 May Harsleben Germany
Love has a powerful gravity. Deep love drew us to Harsleben to weave the worlds with Anja and Petra from HRA Te Tipu, to bind the family together. We sang and danced the Celtic O Teneo and the Maori Tenei au, which are challenging the left brain until it let’s go. Once we laughed at ourselves we could all drop into the heart and we were children again. The wind swirled all around as the O Teneo circles bound us in a playful dance.

A wonderful shared dinner followed and prepared us for our evening concert.

The sound of the conch and the call of the Karanga had summoned the group to be welcomed by the Powhiri ceremony, which brought us all into the Now. Together we shared our stories and songs outside in the wonderful nature garden in a cozy tent in another time and space.
27-29 May Westensee, Northern Germany
Between the Baltic and the Northern Sea, close to the border of Denmark we gathered with a lovely group of people we had partly met online before in the home of one of the participants, so we could be sure to be able to hold the event.
It was special and very healing to meet physical for a deep spiritual work just after the measures had dropped.

For us it was a great pleasure to be accompanied by 3 HRA whanau members and organized by a future Te Puawai and words can not describe the gratitude for what was able to shift in space and time, with the individual and the group. It was just another confirmation how important it is for us and all weavers for the light to continue our work.
1-5 June, Velm Belguim
Finally we could return to the Vleugelhoorn after a long 3 years. Since then, many things there had also changed, along this great time of global transformation. It was great to be back there and experience the new spirit. We all enjoyed learning the POU UIRA the newly developed drum syllables teaching during the Drum Day. This was an historical moment as we had been longing to teach this for many years. “Ma Te Wa”, the time had suddenly arrived with a flash!

The electricity flowed on into the Powhiri/Welcome ceremony which ignited quickly the group, that had gathered. Many heightened encounters individually and as a group were experienced, as the energy elevated through the songs, exercises, meditations, ceremonies and planting again the light seed by dancing the Healing Haka POU UIRA.
10-12 June, Haute-Savoie, France
In nature’s soft ambience of La Soleillette’s in the region of Haute-Savoie we held the opening of our 3rd Haka Rongo Aio 3 year formation. Bubbly, excited and enchanting were some of the feelings that were swimming among the newly forming whanau. Brothers and sisters from different parts of France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium have joined our Haka Rongo Aio tribe. Some from Te Kakano and Te Tipu have re-entered the Te Puawai waka for another 3 year voyage. Yay!
We are very excited to see how this blossoming – Te Puawai - shall unfold it’s gift’s to the world, as continuation of the HRA Formation lineage with Te Kakano being the seed and Te Tipu the young shoot.

May you blossom your full potential into the beauty of the New Earth and give homage to all thos who prepared your path before you!
14-15 June, Paris, France
It is already 11 years, that we are participating in the Shaman Circle ‘Cercle de Sagesse’ in France and this year we were able for the first time to join the meeting in Paris, thanks to us now living in Europe. It was an honor to re-connect with our dear old shaman friends and to especially re-connect to the great vision of Cercle de Sagesse.

Many shared about the challenges that the different first nations of the earth are facing today. It was strong to hear and feel together, and it was good to bring this all into ceremony and to ask the ancestors and great spirit to bring us the light, love and strength for life.

With great joy we are looking forward to the Festival de Film in Sarla this autumn to make a first step into the direction of our next Festival de Chamanisme next spring!
17-19 June, Chuelles, France
The Three Spirals of Life merge.
Oceania (New Zealand) and Africa (Congo) on Celtic Land.
Haka: The Healing Dance of Life that Awakens Fire
Longo: The Dance of Anchoring in the Here and Now.
Bound by the Celtic Knot.

Magic – Playful – Celebration - these words would describe only a little of that wonderful journey we had embarked upon together. From out of spontaneity of each moment our program unfolded before us. We were very blessed with an openhearted group that allowed us just to be simply who we are. Yay !!! We all became younger each day as we played joyfully together with Elima.

We celebrated through song, ceremony and dance. The interweaving of Haka and Longo and being bound by the magic circles of the Celtic knot, created the timeless space in between where we could meet the ancestors who brought us liberation and healing.

We dedicated this Haka-Longo Seminar as a Preparation Ceremony for the Celebration Healing Dances, which Elima is planing for next August.
19 June, Online
It is always a joy to Sing-Along with the Whanau Whanui, where the global family can meet online and sing together. It is so heart warming to see the lightful eyes and smiling faces, and to share the healing through the stories and songs that help remind us that we are one family, all connected in the heart.
Next Sing-Along online
Sunday 18 September 2022,19h-21h
Zurich Time
24 June, Biel/Bienne, Switz
This moment we honor very much, as many levels had interweaved during this Fire Ceremony. Jerome Rey a founder of the Soul n’ Spirit Festival and team had warmly welcomed us to contribute to their marvelous event.

With the impressive sound of many drums, the fire guardians, leaders and participants guided us around the central fire for us to offer our ceremony.
The “Titaha Ahikaa“ Haka ignited quickly. We unified all together and merged with the central fire which re-awakened us to the burning fire within our hearts. The intense Sun was also beaming down upon us and in the blue sky appeared a heart shaped cloud and a couple of doves that flew past, one white and one black.

Maioha maioha maioha we performed the gratitude ceremony to all directions and released the Haka again as offering as 3 torches were set ablaze.
Haumie Huie Taikie!
Healing Haka® Seminar
1 Aug - 4 Sept 2022
Lenzwald, Germany

8 July 2022, 18.30h-21.30h
Wirkstatt Auboden, Switzerland
Healing Haka® Seminar

5-7 August 2022
Domaine des Eveils,Bruailles, France
Healing Haka® Seminar

23-25 September 2022
Etuka, Chuelles, France
Healing Haka® Seminar

8-9 October 2022 10h-17h
Affoltern a.A., Switzerland