Grandmothers Healing Haka® 
February 2022 NEWSLETTER

Kia ora dear friends and family.

 We love to share our adventures with you,
our upcoming events, seminars and concerts.
We especially look forward to meeting you again in person!

Noho hono, rere pono
Mau tonu ra te aroha
Stay connected, fly true,
may love endure

4 December, RavenSpirit

It was wonderful to feel the warm and engaged hearts of the men who were gathered by Raven-Spirit.

The sense of unity gave us strength and courage for these transformative times. The introduction of the IHO TANE healing haka energized and grounded us more in the presence, which helped us to connect to the essence of our masculinity.
The closing ceremony brought us into the state of awareness, feeling fulfilled and at peace.
Next IHO-TANE Raven-Spirit
Saturday 09 April 2022, 13:30 - 18:00 Uhr
19 December, Wirkstatt-Auboden
An amazing spirit had gathered with the people as we celebrated the “ Light “ during the time of this winter solstice.

Outside with snow at -4℃, cozy inside in an open tent around a fire beautifully prepared by the Wirkstatt. It felt like we were one big happy family, with all generations present, enjoying the stories and laughing at the jokes we shared. Their singing really moved us too.

Later into the night we went out into the open to move and dance around the fire at the big sun circle. Our bodies, hearts and spirits had warmed up with song, movements and Healing Haka. To complete our night with Ceremony each person had ignited their candle from the central fire. Each one had offered their Light and prayers to the world as they placed them around the garden.
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8 July 2022, Wirkstatt-Auboden
30 December, Online
Whow ... ka mau te wehi! Awesome!

We loved our Sing-Along night, with so many people present online. It brought us all so much Love, happiness and a huge warm family feeling that we all can really appreciate in these times.

What a wonderful way to farewell 2021 and welcome the new year 2022 by singing, crying and laughing tears of joy. We even hugged each other through the screen from all around the world!
Next Sing-Along online
3 March 2022,19-21h Zurich Time
IHO TANE Webinar
15 January, Mu North Canada
What a wonderful world! Thank you for this magic moment and the great connection.
Men had gathered from Switzerland, France and Germany to meet on-line with the MuNorth men of western Canada.

We shared some deep and rich knowledge linking to hono/connect, through song, healing haka and media this helped us to connect with our roots, our lands, our ancestors and our birth waters which originate from the supreme source Io.

Practicing the IHO TANE healing haka gifted us the experiences to anchor this knowledge in our minds, hearts and bodies.

A little movie was shared to us about the journey of the sperm to the egg. A great reminder that we are all destined in life for greater things. Let’s support each other to practice and stay connected to our purpose.
KarangaIO Webinar
16 January, online
It was fantastic to activate again the Karanga IO Healing Haka®, with an enthusiastic group from Germany, organized by Paula van Tuyl.
We entered the sacred realms to welcome the new time. We journeyed through a space of cleansing and preparing to welcome the supreme being Io, who is also our closest friend.
Next KarangaIO Healing Haka®
27 - 29 May 2022, Westensee,Germany
Our beloved Teachers
We continue to celebrate the lives of our beloved teachers Shin and Cathy in remembering the rich wisdom and boundless love that they bestowed upon us.

In deep gratitude we shall forever treasure them in our hearts. May their eternal dance, emanate into the new world. May we continue to impart their teachings in light, love and life.

every month, online
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Fundraiser for The Cherry Hill Eco Village Canada
2 April 2021, Online by Grandmothers Healing Haka
A shortend version of original Text by Grace Kohn

On April 2, 2021 Thanks to Waimaania and Ojasvin a Fundraiser was
held for The Cherry Hill Eco Village on-line . We believe it was a Huge
success and are extremely grateful for the Gift our Teachers gave us by creating this opportunity .

We raised a total of $ 3512.65 Canadian Dollars .
Some funds went toward the first seed and crops with the help of participating farmers and Dunster Community. Some funds helped to purchase the Sacred Teepee which was raised on August 26, 2021 led by Marilyn Puff accompanied by MuNorth Healing Haka® Team. With blessings from the Chief and her Council woman of the Lheidle T’Enneh Band.

A million Blessings to you all. On Behalf of the Cherry Hill Eco Village.
May we all transform into the majesty we were created to be, together.

Grace Kohn
Die Essenz des Mannes
Die wärmede Glut der Frau
Part 2
19 - 20 March, Online
Door to other Worlds

22-24 April 2022
Wirkstatt Auboden