Grandmothers Healing Haka® 
Kia hora te marino, kia whakapapa pounamu te moana,
kia tere te kārohirohi i mua i tō huarahi.

May peace be widespread, may the sea glisten like greenstone,
and may the shimmer of light guide you on your way.

Kia ora dear friends and family

Greetings and blessings from the Swiss mountains, in the charming change from winter to spring.
We love to share with you our journey as your journey is much a part of ours.
Let us be more who we truly are and create the new world we truly desire.
Tihei wa mauri ora
2022 December 30 - January 01, 2023
As the husband of Nicole, who is attending the Haka Rongo Aio Te Puawai formation, I had the opportunity to be part of the new year’s celebration in Chardenoux, France with Waimaania and Ojasvin. I was deeply touched by the warm welcome of all Haka family members. The openness of the people and the quiet beauty of the surrounding nature felt very uplifting.
During the weekend I had the privilege to witness and be a part of many wonderful Maori rituals and ceremonies lovingly guided by Ojasvin and Waimaania.
The fire ceremony on new year’s eve with singing, dancing, praying, drumming and laughing together for hours around a heartwarming fire under a wonderful starry sky was breathtaking and overflowing with energy. The water ceremony on new year’s day at the feet of the Pou Ahu was peacefully quiet and deeply emotional - a loving light gently flowing to all hearts. These two ceremonies were in perfect balance to one another and for me the climax of this beautiful gathering.
Thank you from the heart dear Ojasvin and Waimaania and dear Haka family members for you love and accompaniment.
I feel newborn. Martin
Healing Haka® Seminar
3-5 February
Lüneburger Heide, North Germany
Healing Haka is peace. Healing Haka is love. Healing Haka is freedom.
Healing Haka for me is pure joy and blissful being. The Karanga IO calls something in me that has always been intact and whole since the beginning of time. It calls all the parts that make up the whole. It brings together what seems separate and gives certainty that everything is already good, no matter how it feels inside and outside.

Waimaania and Ojasvin accompany us on the path into the new time, full of passion, compassion, deep knowledge and a lot of warmth from the heart. It is a blessing to be together with them and the wonderful Healing Haka community, to sing, to dance, to pray and to take a seat in one's own heart.

Maioha, maioha, maioha. With love, gratitude and connection. Victoria

Next KARANGAIO Healing Haka® Seminar
27-30 June 2024
Lüneburger Heide, Germany
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SZC Coaching and Quantum Healing Hypnoses
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18 February
at Raven Spirit, Lenzburg, Switzerland
An immersive and profound experience.
Anyone who wants to feel themselves again and connect with the essence of being a man should not miss this experience. I received this workshop as a gift and attended without prior knowledge or expectation. I wished for wisdom, and this experience has certainly brought me a great deal closer to that wish. Namely, wisdom about what energy is within us and that we are not alone in wanting to create something good with it.

From the beginning I felt I was in the right place, even before it had started. The very fact that so many people were thinking and living in the same harmonious direction filled me with confidence and hope. Then it began. A sequence of strong movements and expressions that captivated me. The possibility to let his energy flow as a man and to feel right again. Together with the wisdom and views that Ojasvin initiated us into and the profound background to this Healing Haka made the experience complete. You feel your energy and the energy that arises in the room. Unrestrained and yet purposefully used. Loud and powerful, yet controlled. Liberating, grounding, connecting and energizing. That is what awaits you. I am enormously grateful for this experience and it will not be the last time I learn a Healing Haka. Luca

Next IHO TANE at Raven-Spirit
6 May 2023
Ski Camp Bronschhofen
6-10 March
in Sedrun, Switzerland
Wow! All in one house in the village of Sedrun with 52 Children and 10 Adult helpers, was an experience indeed! We are happy to have had the stamina from Healing Haka to keep up with these energy balls. It was exhausting but enormously rewarding to experience the children gaining their confidence on the slopes and being so helpful in the kitchen. Thank you Bronschhofen Team for inviting us.
Raven Spirit Opening
18 & 19 March
at Raven Spirit, in Lenzburg
An interesting time, 3 seats were kept free during our work, some women just couldn't make it, but in our hearts we had them with us. We all had the feeling of just coming out of a very demanding winter to stretch our life-feelings again.

The more the afternoon passed, the more we danced freely in the Hine Ahi Energy Healing Haka and enjoyed bathing with each other in the goddess energy, singing, laughing and dancing and rounding off the afternoon with a little fire and water ritual to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The following day was dedicated to the opening of the Raven Spirit and Waimaania was invited to accompany and confirm this solemn moment with her conch shell.

Many people came to this wonderful celebration and enjoyed the incredibly beautiful shop and the festive offering of Yoga, Healing Haka, Mantra Chanting, Yodelling and Drumming.

Waimaania presented the Healing Haka with Tenei Au and was delighted with the engagement of all participants and is already looking forward to the next works with Raven-Spirit.

Next HINE AHI at Raven-Spirit
9 Sept 2023
17-19 March
in Haut-Jura France
The fourth IHO TANE seminar was held from March 17 to 19 in the French Jura, in the middle of nature, and ended in a climax with the union of sun and rain: under a magnificent rainbow. As in each of these seminars, it was an opportunity to gather with other men around Ojasvin to meet who we really are, in a benevolent and fraternal circle. A precious time of sharing aimed at strengthening our roots and connecting to our true power, while nurturing grace and honoring our more intuitive feminine side. Reynald

Next IHO TANE in France
8-10 September
20 March online
Waiopu 432hz Maori Spirit CD.
5. Ko te Take Atua
Honouring our divine heritage.
Kua kore to koutou aroha e...
Never let go the love, as we are the children of sky father Rangi and earth mother Papa.
It is always a joy to Sing-Along with the Whanau Whanui, where the global family can meet and sing together on-line. We love to create our sacred space with our opening Karakia and candle. Then everyone introduces themselves from around the globe and shares requests. We start singing and so flows the stories and the secrets behind the songs which create the Maori-Spirit. We are so grateful to have our heart family that is creating a vibrant rainbow bridge.
te aroha, te whakapono, me te rangimarie, tatou tatou e....
The love, the truth, and the peace we create together in unity.
Online Refresher Nights
The most interesting thing happened today with the Pou Uira.
Since our last Refresher, I have been doing three rounds of the fast recorded version every day at 11:44am. Sometimes I do more after or slower, or a second set later in the day, but this one set of three is like my minimum. So today I am doing the three and I kept getting interrupted. A call or a text or something kept popping up and interrupting the song.

On the third round today, finally was the first time It was dancing me! Because for a moment, I realized I was moving ahead of the music (this never happened before) and I had to wonder how did I get up to this speed? The recording is already like pretty fast, I am always trying to catch up to it. So what an interesting view today, looking backward at myself !
A Journey to dive deeper into your heart and to discover the beauty of Aotearoa outside and within. To experience this with a global family in a cultural exchange with our whanau/family.

Grandmothers Healing Haka®
Tutira Mai Nga Iwi
13 Mai 2023
Basel Region, Switzerland

27-30 April 2023
Les Septvallons near Reims, France

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Weekend Seminar
2-4 June 2023
in Tomils, Switzerland
3 June 2023
in Scharans, Switzerland

Healing Haka® Seminar
9-11 June 2023
Luglon, France

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Maori Spirit Concert
 17 June 2023
Bühler AR, Switzerland
for Midsummer
20 June 2023,
19-21h Swiss Time, online
sacred sound song dance
23 June 2023

by Jerome Rey, in Nidau, Switzerland

Shaman Drum Building Ritual
08 - 13 August on the Rigi Klösterli, Switzerland
By Raven Spirit
Thomas, Chandika, Ojasvin and Waimaania
1st Festival Meeting of traditional and healing dances

20-26 August 2023
Chuelles, France

VivaLaVida Festival

1-3 September 2023
Gempen (SO) Switzerland
art exhibition
by Ojasvin and Waimaania
22 September - 10 December 2023


Healing Haka® Seminar
25 - 29 October 2023
Lenzwald, Polling, Germany


Healing Haka® Seminar
29 November - 3 December 2023
Bray-Et-Lu near Paris