Grandmothers Healing Haka® 
October 2023 NEWSLETTER
dear Healing Haka friends and family

Greetings and blessings from Switzerland
We love to continue sharing with you our journey as your journey is much a part of ours. Let us together grow more into who we truly are.
Let us in unity bring the new world.

Tihei wa mauri ora!


Living the New World

from the 3 year formation
Journey to the Source
10-16 July, Sagnol, France
The further we journey together, the deeper we dive into ourselves. There we find back to the source. The source of power, of love and joy.

Creative and playful we are like children. We find back to the source of the magic in between the living teachings.

Next HAKA RONGO AIO Formation
May 2025 - March 2028
Ecstatic Dance Festival
28-30 July
Klingenmühle, Switzerland
In the end of July it rained a lot in Switzerland. This did not sway the spirit of the festivals, and the people rejoiced and celebrated with song, music, dance and ceremony. Thank you to Johanna, from Ecstatic Dance Switzerland in Zürich, for inviting us to this great festival with very precious moments we all shared together.

Healing Haka & Shamanic Drum
11-13 August
Rigi Klösterli, Switzerland
Kia Ora, dear Healing Haka Worldwide friends and whanau.
Many greetings to you from the Celtic World, the RIGI, queen of the mountains, at the Rigi Klösterli, Hotel Zum Golden Hirschen (the Golden Deer).
Be blessed! I send you my best wishes for a prosperous life.

For the Healing Haka & Shamanic Drum seminar we enjoyed a weekend of wonders, a coming together of the Haka family here in Switzerland, which inspired us to step forward on many levels with a smile.

The most essential elements for me to remember where Tenei au and O Teneo with song and dance; I am, I am here, just now, this I am!

Arohanui Winfried
Healing Haka Nights
30 Aug, 27 Sept, 1 Nov, 13 Dec
St Gallen Central Station, Switzerland
During the past two Healing Haka Power Nights in St. Gallen, organised by Simone and Christian, we accelerated swiftly through the POU UIRA Haka!

An amazing family spirit is arising and intimate experiences are being shared. As we sing dance and perform ceremony we are growing deeper into our roots and our authentic nature.
1er Festival Rencontre des Dances
Meeting of traditional healing dances
20-26 August
Chuelles (Loiret), France
A fabulous first festival of dance that brought the soul of five traditions together in one place.
What a great organizational effort of Elima, Vimala and their team.
The five groups that were formed journeyed each day from one place to another to expereince the world of Healing Haka® - Longo - Orixas&Mahorikan - Bharata Natyam - Inspiration Soufie.

The wonderful people who gathered, knew why they came and so they could receive well their healing.

- A good beginning like the first flame of a great fire. Be prepared for next year 25-31 August 2024 to dance with us together.
Festival Viva La Vida
1-3 September
Gempen, Switzerland
A true celebration of life, with a unbelievable number of families with young children were our main audience at this festival.

Deep gratitude for Flu and Florian for organizing such an inspiring event for the future generations, in the middle of their village in their garden.

For sure a good seed was planted at this time for something wonderful to grow.

IHO TANE Experience
8-10 September
Haut Jura, France
Mana Tane, Iho Tane

The power and the essence of manhood was very living. We celebrated
our authenticity and simplicity through Healing Haka, drum, song and ceremony, This all helped us to re-connect with our source of power..
We even shared our tears in this group of trust, which gifted us all the strength and courage to uphold the virtues of the heart and make that step, to make those changes, to help bring the new world.

Next IHO TANE France
23-25 February 2024
Hine Ahi - Women Healing Haka
9 September 2023
Raven Spirit, Lenzburg, Switzerland
Small but precious, was our group of women. I am always deeply touched by those who turn up and share their life stories in short or long but for sure through the energy in the Healing Haka Dance.

I am looking forward to growing and healing together further into the future, so that we can truly shine our real potential into this world!
Next Hine Ahi in Lenzburg
9 December 2023
Soul Centered Coaching
on the 16 of September
Waimaania graduated in Thun, Switzerland
Arriving in life 
On the 16th of September I, Waimaania, received my Soul-Centred Coaching certificate for passing my final exams. This brings me so much joy, yet it is not primarily about the degree but much more about my journey.

Since I have been treating myself to this formation and coaching sessions , so much in my life has transformed towards harmony.

Here is a little story: 
For years I had been living with Ojasvin Partner in a ground floor flat that was far too small. Thanks to soul-centred coaching I have gained the courage to respect myself even more and to give myself and life quality.
Now my new home is a light-flooded place where so much more is possible, where life flows wonderfully.

And where are you in your life right now?
Where would you like to take a step in your life right now?

I am happy to accompany you with soul-centred coaching, easy over the phone.

Take some courage and simply register for a non-binding test coaching!
16 September
Raven Spirit, Lenzburg, Switzerland
The Iho Tane Healing Haka for the men helped the group to unify, bringing all the levels together which helped us to connect to who we are. Being proud of our mountains rivers and forests. We are one with all.

16 December 2023
Opening - Haka Day - Meet&Greet
22 September
Espace Camango, Geneva
Je viens de terminer mon premier stage de Haka de guérison des Grands-mères et je souhaite apporter mon témoignage. Cela fait si longtemps que mon corps attendait cela. Plusieurs fois par jour, je ressens l’appel de faire ce Haka, cette danse Māori qui agit sur moi, m’attise et m’apaise à la fois. C’est comme un Chi-Gong puissant venu de Nouvelle-Zélande, qui me reconnecte à mes propres racines Celtique. Gratitude. L’apprentissage était joyeux, aisé, délicat et impeccable. Je remercie Ojasvin et Waimaania pour cette transmission ainsi que la Grand-mère d’Ojasvin qui a permis que cette information se manifeste pour notre plus grand Bien. 
I've just finished my first Grandmothers Healing Haka course and I'd like to share my experience with you. My body has been waiting for this for so long. Several times a day, I feel the call to do this Haka, this Māori dance that works on me, energizes me and soothes me at the same time. It's like a powerful Chi-Gong from New Zealand, reconnecting me to my own Celtic roots. Gratitude. The training was joyful, easy, delicate and impeccable. I thank Ojasvin and Waimaania for this transmission as well as Ojasvin's Grandmother who allowed this information to manifest for our greater Good.

Céline Tadiotto
Story Telling Night
26 October
Espace Camango, Geneva
This night is still vibrating in our hearts. Together with the whole HRA formation group Te Puawai we travelled from France to Geneva for this event.
It was so exciting to see everyone becoming so expressive and living the stories that they had heard for a long time now. And the public was captivated and moved deeply.
This was a real demonstration of the learning of the Haka Rongo Aio Formation in the setting of the wonderful art of Ojasvin, which nourished the night and was nourished by stories, songs and dances.
Online Refresher Nights

Lucky Last
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9 December 2023
Raven Spirit, Lenzburg Switzerland

16 December 2023
Raven Spirit, Lenzburg Switzerland

acccompanied by
Ojasvin and Waimaania
17 November 8.30pm
Cinéma l'Espace, Rue du Stade, Douvaine 74140, France

Muramura Night
with Ojasvin and Waimaania
26 Nov 2023
Nidau, Switzerland
Closing Ceremony
art exhibition
by Ojasvin
10 Dec 2023
Geneva, Switzerland
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Healing Haka® Seminar
25 - 29 October 2023
Lenzwald, Polling, Germany


Healing Haka® Seminar
29 Nov-3 Dec 2023
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