Greetings from the Burke's
Grandparents' Council!
It is with great enthusiasm that we provide you with an update on the Burke's Grandparents' Council. Since our creation, our Council has been busy at work implementing new and exciting opportunities for our Burke's grandparents.

As a result of yet another successful Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day this past May and much interest in Burke's Grandparents' Council, we have expanded our group to include a general committee in addition to the existing council, listed below this letter. We are pleased to welcome the following new members to this group:
  • Suzanne Diamond
  • Philipa (Flip) Caldwell
  • Patricia Flint
  • Doris Linnenbach
  • Mary Ann Walker
  • Gail Whelan
  • Cynthia and Pete Zinober
You can also find a link to the photos from this beautiful day in the newsletter below.

One of the benefits to being on the Grandparents' Council is an opportunity to volunteer. Whether it is in the Lunchroom or Library, at Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day or Festival in the fall, it is a fantastic way to interact with the Burke's community and your granddaughter while carrying out the Burke's mission to educate, encourage, and empower our granddaughters.

 We are also excited to inform you that we have created our very own Burke's Grandparents Page. This will be a useful resource for you to find important information and dates throughout the year. You can find it on the upper right hand corner of our Burke's website or by clicking here.
To learn more about joining our Grandparents' Council or about the volunteer opportunities associated with being a member, please contact Filomena Spero, Associate Director of Advancement, at 415.751.0177, ext. 301, or

We look forward to seeing you during the year ahead!

Mary Robinson and Barbara Sklar
Co-Chairs, Burke's Grandparents' Council

Susan Boeing Vicki Fleishhacker Tom Perkins
Rosemary Booth Susan Gantner Elizabeth Swanson
Sylvia Bunshoft Julie Jospe Clarke Swanson
Barbara Callander '44 Stefania Jha Bonnie Trexler
Lyman Casey Rick Jones Katherine Webb
Sandy Feldman Neelie Kroes Dede Wilsey
Dan Feldman Mary Ann Margaretten Peg Wyant
Doris Fisher '49 Bobbie McClanahan Jack Wyant

Christina Norman

Grandfather Teaches Art Lesson

The artist Jim Caldwell has work in collections around the world and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, but he may have met his biggest critics yet: Burke's kindergarteners.  More.
Harnessing Green Tech in Science 

Sixth graders in Dr. Tone Rawlings' science class recently tried out a technique that's making international news when they attempted to make plastic-less, or edible, water bottles.  More .
Around the World and Back in Time

A representative from Google Expeditions came to Burke's on Thursday, May 4, and took groups of students on a broad array of field trips without ever leaving the Media Room!  More .
Seventh Grade Stages Cultural Heritage Fair

Many of you helped your granddaughters with their Cultural Heritage Projects, researching and documenting their family backgrounds. Those projects were on display May 25-26. More.
VIDEO: "Mary Poppins" at Burke's

Congratulations to the eighth grade on a production of "Mary Poppins" that was practically perfect in every way!  Click here to watch  a selection of numbers from the school-wide performance on Thursday, June 1 .
Faculty Profile: Kelley Vauk

Since she first started working at Burke's five years ago, Kelley Vauk has hopscotched all over the Lower School. She started out in third grade, then worked as an associate teacher in the 2B classroom before co-teaching in 2A with Gale Mosheim in her final year before retirement.  More .
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Grandparent Profile: Stefania Jha

I am Stefania Jha, Jackie and Amelia Jha's grandmother. Jackie is in the Class of 2022, Amelia joining the Class of 2026 in the fall. I am also a member of the Burke's Grandparents' Council. More.
Tell Your Story

We would like to include grandparent profiles in each of our newsletters. We invite you to submit your profile: Send us a picture along with a brief bio of where you have been and what brought you to Burke's! Please contact Filomena Spero at 415.751.0177 or
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