Greetings Burke's Grandparents!
We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you have been able to make it on to the Burke's campus at some point this year. Whether that be to volunteer in the library or for lunch duty or to catch a play or concert, we are always excited to have our grandparents on campus!
As we entered the third year of the Grandparents' Council, our veteran members started thinking of new and innovative ways to be involved in their granddaughters' education and help make lasting memories with the girls. We are happy to announce that we are currently working on a resource guide that will be made available for the teachers. The Council will give Burke's faculty a quick reference guide to their connections and expertise. The hope is to not only get Council members in the classroom, but to give teachers easy access to the amazing talents and knowledge our grandparents have and are willing to share.  
Another initiative our Grandparents' Council took the lead on this year was a gift for the class of 2019. The day before commencement every year our graduates are given awards and the rising fifth graders are welcomed into the Upper School during Pansy Day. This year, the Council will be hosting a tea for the eighth graders and presenting them with commemorative tea cups with their names and graduation year on them.  
As you can see, the grandparents on the Council have a lot of access to their granddaughters here on campus. With that in mind, we would like to encourage you to be involved in your granddaughter's academic experience by inviting you to become a member of the Grandparents' Council. To learn more about joining the Council or about volunteer opportunities associated with being a member, please don't hesitate to contact me. You may also visit our grandparent webpage 
Below are some articles highlighting what's been going on around Burke's this first half of the year.
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Communications and Advancement Associate
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Grandparents' Council Members 
Mary Robinson and Barbara Sklar 
Co-Chairs, Burke's Grandparents' Council
Christina Norman
Vice Chair, Burke's Grandparents' Council
Victoria Barkan
Susan Boeing
Rosemary Booth
Sylvia Bunshoft
Flip Caldwell
Barbara Callander '44
Lyman Casey
Bob Caulfield
Anne Coglianese
Joe Coglianese
Suzy Diamond
Dagmar Dolby
Sandy Feldman
Ivana Ferrera
Doris Fisher '49
Vicki Fleishhacker '60  
Trish Flint
Susan Gantner
Ellen Griffin
Cherrie Harden
Gary Harden
Jane Hartley
Stefania Jha
Rick Jones
Julie Jospe
Neelie Kroes
Martha Kropf
Doris Linnenbach
Sharon Litsky
Susan Lynn
Mary Ann Margaretten
Bobbie McClanahan

Kathleen McKewan
Tom Perkins
Helen Schwab
Clarke Swanson
Elizabeth Swanson
Bonnie Trexler
Terry Trexler
Mary Ann Walker
Katie Webb
Gail Whelan
Dede Wilsey
Kay Woods
Jack Wyant
Peg Wyant
Cynthia Zinober
Pete Zinober
Thank you, RBG!
The smoke-filled week leading up to the Thanksgiving Break was filled with anticipation, festivities, and tradition. One of which was the fourth grade play, "Thank you, RBG!" that honored Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Our dedicated students put on a great show despite not having a conventional rehearsal space and practicing in declining air quality. To see more pictures from the impressive performance click here. To watch the whole video click here
Week of Code: Year Five

The first week of December marked Burke's fifth year observing an entire Week of Code. Under the leadership of the Library and Makery Team, Burke's decided to turn an Hour of Code, the brainchild of Hadi Partovi, into a week and the program has been going strong ever since. Hour of Code is an international initiative sponsored by, a nonprofit organization devoted to opening up computer science to a broader range of users, including women and underrepresented people, through expanding its presence in schools around the world. It's estimated that nearly 700-million students around the world participated in this year's Hour of
Code. Read more.
Exploring all the Colors We Are

Burke's kindergarten teachers developed a unit discussing Race through the Understanding by Design model of curriculum development. Read more.

Burke's Annual Fund supports every school program, from major initiatives like financial assistance  and teacher salaries, to day-to-day expenses like Makery tools and  art supplies Gifts of every size make an impact and  contributions start working in your granddaughters' classrooms immediately  - donate today at !
Faculty Profile: Tammi Abad

Tammi Abad is on a mission to create mathematicians. For the past four years, she has worked as the math and social studies teacher during the bridge year of 4th grade to prepare her students for the Upper School. "I believe the mathematician we are creating here is more empowered. I see these girls taking many more risks and becoming increasingly receptive to the idea that anyone can be a mathematician." Read more.
For several years, Burke's has asked families to avoid harmful cultural stereotypes in Halloween costumes. In 2018, some students took those efforts a step further. Read more.
Eight Burke's Youth Voice Officers participated in a Women's March reception with Mayor London Breed, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Malia Cohen, 2nd District Representative for the California State Board of Equalization. Read more.
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