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When a Quilters Cupboard favourite designer has an idea for a summer celebration, we can’t help but jump on the bandwagon and have some fun right along with her! At least that's what Tami told me when she was enthusiastically showing off her plans to participate in this celebration.

Before I get myself into trouble though, I would like to extend a Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere, but especially to the ones reading this email. Whether you are quilters yourselves or admirers of the quilters in your life, may you enjoy this special day!

Now back to the summer celebration!

Who doesn’t love a granny square? If your mind immediately goes to a cherished afghan, you are not alone. My great grandmother was an avid crocheter. I didn’t know very her well, but any memories I have always an include an afghan of some kind. So, it feels extra special that Quilters Cupboard favourite Lori Holt has decided to pay tribute to the granny square all summer long.
But what does crochet have to do with a quilt shop?

Well funny you should ask…

First of all, I can’t be the only quilter with a stash of yarn hidden away. I think I will be digging mine out of storage this weekend. Secondly, Lori has chosen to celebrate the humble, but beautiful, granny square in three different ways - quilting, crochet and cross stitch! If you choose to participate in the fun, you can pick one way to follow along, or you can do all three!

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the granny square with Lori Holt? While we’re at it, we might celebrate a few other Lori Holt gems along the way.

To get started, why not hear about the Granny Square Along from Lori herself! In this video, Lori will tell you all about this summer celebration.
Note: This link will take you to YouTube for the complete video, including a detailed overview of the crochet component. If you're not into crochet and would like to skip to the quilting or cross stitch parts, more direct links will be included below. You will also find the link to the FREE cross stitch pattern in the Comment Section for the YouTube tutorial. Even if you don't intend to watch the video, be sure to follow the link to find the pattern.
Granny Square Crochet
We don’t carry the Lori Holt Chunky Thread yarn, so we’re going to skip over the crochet part of the Granny Square Stitch Along, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Dig that yarn out of storage and put it to good use. The great thing about crochet is that you can do it anywhere – watching the Blue Jays, sitting on the dock at the cottage…

To learn how to make Lori's granny square, you can watch her tutorial.
This video is dedicated to showing you how to crochet the granny square block and does not reference the Granny Square Stitch Along.
The Great Granny Squared
First published in 2014, Lori’s second book, the Great Granny Squared, has the answer to the age-old question...

"How do you take a crochet granny square and turn it into a quilt?"
Granny squares were the first thing that Lori’s Grandma Ewell taught her to crochet when she was a little girl. For Lori, it was love at first sight. Fast forward a few years, and Lori decided to try to achieve the granny square look but with fabric instead of yarn. She quickly discovered that not only were these blocks cute, but they were a good way to use some leftover fabric!

The Great Granny Squared books includes complete instructions for four projects using her Great Granny Block, plus two quilt labels! Projects include two quilts, one table runner and a pillow. There are over 30 pages of inspiration for your home.

Regular Price: $19.99
** This book is on order and is expected to arrive very soon.
The Great Granny Squared block consists of a centre square and three surrounding rows, that Lori calls ‘a round’. The centre square (aqua) is “the Baby”. Lori calls the round of four squares around the baby “The Mama” (green gingham). Granny is the round with eight squares surrounding the mama (red and white). Last but now least, Great Granny is the final round (grey).

If you choose to participate in the Granny Square Along, you can use any fabrics that you have on hand. After all, the Great Granny block was originally intended to use up leftover fabric. Aren’t we all trying to use up what we have in our stash these days? How cute would these blocks look in Kim Diehl fabrics or assorted Moda favourites?
Great Granny Squared Section of Lori's Video

If you want to skip the crochet part of Lori's video, you can go right to the Great Granny Squared part of Lori's video by clicking below.
Lori Holt Basics!
If you decide to join the Granny Square Stitch Along and want to use your Lori Holt stash, you might find that your stash needs a bit of a top up. We've recently topped up our Lori Stash to help you out!
Bee Plaids - A New Lori Holt Basic!

Lori has recently added a new collection to her line of basics. Bee Plaids is a mix of some brand-new plaid patterns and a reimagining of older plaids in new colours. While we don't have the complete collection, we have curated a good selection of some of the best ones! The Bee Plaids will be featured prominently in Lori's Great Granny Stitch Along feature quilt.

Bundles Available!

To help add the Bee Plaids to your stash, 12-piece fat quarter and fat eighth bundles are available. These 12-pieces will fit with you Lori Holt stash and be easily incorporated into the Great Granny Squared quilt.
Bee Backgrounds

What's your favourite Bee Background? Is it the X's? What about the O's? Don't forget about the grids, canning jars or daisies!

We have Bee Background bundles available as 6-piece half metre and fat quarter bundles with X's and O's. They are also available as 12-piece fat quarter and fat eighths featuring some of our favourite backgrounds. The perfect way to bring a scrappy look to your next project. They are also available as 5" and 10" square packages.
The Future is Bright... Bee Brights!

Need to add a few bright spots to your Great Granny Squared? We have 8-piece fat quarter and fat eighth bundles with a selection of bright Bee Basics.
Lori Holt Precuts Available!

Decisions, decisions... There are so many pretty options, how can you decide? We have a large assortment of Lori Holt precut bundles in assorted sizes to help you add to your Lori Holt stash or plan the Great Granny Squared quilt. From Cook Book bundles to Bee Backgrounds, you're sure to find a few somethings that you "need" to have.
Granny Square Cross Stitch
Rounding out the Granny Square Stitch Along is a Granny Square cross stitch based on a FREE pattern designed by Lori. Lori and our very own Tami are making their cross stitch project coordinate with the Great Granny Squared quilt but you can make it any colour you choose. Tami has also decided to make her cross stitch bigger than the four blocks shown in the pattern. Her plan is to make the cross stitch match the layout of her quilt. What will you do to make the Granny Square projects your own?
You can jump right to the part in Lori's video where she discusses the cross stitch part of the sew along by clicking on the button below. While you're there, look for the link to the FREE cross stitch pattern in the comment section.
As Lori says in her video, she's a crocheter, quilter and cross stitcher. Our Cross Stitch section continues to expand, and Lori's patterns and kits are items that we can't seem to keep in stock! They just keep flying out the door.
Kits Available!

Nothing says summer quite like "Snowballs for Sale" but this snowman is so cute that you might be tempted to started working on him right away. If the summer heat ever arrives, you might be tempted to buy some of the snowballs he's selling! Kits are now available with Lori's 25-count Vintage Cloth, pattern and all the DMC thread required for the project.

Kits are also available for an assortment of Lori's popular Stitch Card Series.

You find our selection Lori Holt's cross stitch patterns, Vintage Cloth and kits in-store and on the website.
Scrappiness is Happiness!
Preorder Now!
A new Lori Holt book is on the way, and we couldn't possibly be any more excited about it!
Scrappiness is Happiness!

Look no further than your very own fabric stash to find happiness! Lori Holt’s new book, Scrappiness is Happiness, reminds us that we can create beautiful quilts from our own scrap baskets. In this book, she shares 32 scrappy quilts that show how beautifully your stash can blend together. These quilts represent Lori’s motto of “make do” without compromising any of her charm. Each quilt is based on a block and includes tips from Lori!

This book also includes Lori's method for collecting and organizing scraps to save time while making the best blocks ever. You will find the confidence to mix and match fabrics while staying neat and organized!

We wish you happiness and scrappiness as you explore this new adventure in quiltiness!


The first print of this book is already sold but fortunately we ordered early enough to secure our order. If you're as excited as we are about this book, don't delay in placing your order. Once our initial supply is sold, it will be the fall before we can get more.

If you would like to browse through some of the eye candy from the book, have a look on the website. I've included a few sneak peeks from the book.

Preorder Price: $42.99

Regular Price: $47.99

Remember, this book includes pattern for 32 projects that you will be able to work your stash to make!

This book is due to arrive in July.
Prairie Meadow - Coming Soon!
If you follow my emails, you can probably guess how much it pains me to even think about the end of summer. I look forward to summer all year long and I don't ever wish the precious time away.

That said, Lori has a yummy new fabric collection coming in August and of course a new sew along to go with it. I can't resist the urge to tease you with it! Giving you a sneak peek at a new fabric collection is not the same thing as wishing the summer away!
Lori Holt's newest designer fabric collection, Prairie, is dedicated to her pioneer ancestors and the journey they endured crossing the plains.

Lori hopes to remember and honour her ancestors well, from their courage and integrity to their handmade bonnets and quilts made with precious fabrics carefully brought with them to their new homes on the prairie.

This nostalgic collection features a range of beautiful prairie-inspired prints reminiscent of simpler days.

Lori hopes this collection reminds you of home and as Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, "Home is the nicest word there is."

Sew Along Kits Will Be Available!

The Prairie Meadow Sew Along is scheduled to begin August 29th. We will have more information about the quilt and pricing in the coming weeks. In the meantime if you would like to be put on the waiting list for a Prairie Meadow kit, please email the store and we will let you know as soon as we're able to confirm the final fabric requirements. (Email Now!)

Finished Size: 68" x 85"
Start Enjoying Prairie Meadow Now!
If you love the look of Prairie Meadow and love to do puzzles, the Prairie Meadow puzzles have arrived. This 1,000-piece puzzle is guaranteed to help keep you occupied until the Prairie collection arrives in store and you can start playing with the real fabrics.

Regular Price: $21.49
More Puzzles Available!

If you enjoy puzzles, we have several quilt-themed puzzles available.
One Last Celebration
Did you participate in Lori's Chicken Salad Sew Along? Did you keep up to date? If so, congratulations on the completion of the Sew Along! If you haven't finished quite yet, that's ok, this might be a little inspiration to keep pushing through to the end!
Cook Book Fabrics and Bundles Still Available!

We still have fabrics and bundles available from the Cook Book collection. Maybe the finished picture of the Chicken Salad quilt will inspire you to do something with the fabric!
Do you know what Lori did with some of her Cook Book fabrics? She took her favourite blocks from the Farm Girl Vintage I and II books and used the Cook Book fabrics to make a brand-new quilt using the same layout as Chicken Salad. She just popped the Farm Girl blocks in place of the chickens. Does that get your creative juices flowing?

Lori's books are loaded with great projects and fun ideas. They are so popular that we struggle to keep them on the shelves. They fly out just as quickly as they arrive. If that's not a glowing endorsement of the quality of these books, I'm not sure what is!

Browse through our selection of Lori Holt books online and in-store.
A Summer Celebration

Granny Square Stitch Along!
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