Polycom Grant Assistance Program (PGAP)
"The Polycom Grant Assistance Program provides assistance for organizations seeking grant based funding. With their extensive experience in realm, they have a complete portfolio and understanding of grants, how they apply to your specific needs, and can offer guidance on how to optimize chances for success. In such a complex and ever changing environment, Polycom's guidance is extremely valuable."
Dr. Andrew Watson, 
Vice President of ICSD with UPMC,
Medical Director of the CCM

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Is your organization missing out on significant funding for communications technology?


Polycom is pleased to offer a wide array of FREE grant services. Polycom provides assistance in every aspect of proposal preparation, funding selection, and submission of grant applications. Let us help you find funding to implement voice, video, and data communications solutions. 


Eligible organizations include but are not limited to:

  • Education and Training
  • Public Safety and Emergency Response/Management
  • Healthcare


The resulting solutions can improve distance learning, telemedicine, continuing education services, and business operations and communications.


Polycom offers:

  • A team of grant and industry experts for one-on-one, customized projects that incorporate technology solutions
  • Complimentary grant consulting services
  • Free educational Webinars on grant resources and requirements, and new funding announcements
  • Access to an extensive network of grant writers
  • Tips and tools for managing and reporting on grants 

Download an overview of the Polycom Grant Assistance Program.