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      July 20, 2013

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Hot off 'America's Got Talent,' 
Singer's Career in High Gear 
Tifton native Travis Pratt created a national buzz with his recent operatic performances on NBC's "America's Got Talent." Now that that chapter is finished, he is looking ahead to numerous opportunities that have opened for him in recent weeks.

He is planning an international tour, getting TPratt ready to release two singles and has various endorsement deals in the works, among them is to be the face of "View Trackr," a new video-sharing network that helps people market their videos online.

Although he lives in Houston now, Pratt has not forgotten his Tifton roots: "Having tremendous hometown support is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. As an international performing artist, it really keeps me grounded," he told the Tifton Grapevine on Friday.

He is also working with a cosmetics company for commercials, has a new international radio promotion campaign and is partnering with the American Cancer Society for endorsements; his mother had died of cancer, said Tocarro Davis of Treasure Marketing, Pratt's marketing and management team.

"Purpose is what gets me out of the bed this morning," he wrote on Facebook after his stint on "America's Got Talent." He said: "The biggest lesson I've learned from this experience is that my dreams are not about me. Hearing how people have expanded their minds to something new, and how people are now inspired to go after their dreams means more to me than any TV show ever could. Considering where I came from, I wasn't even supposed to finish high school but God be the Glory."
Follow Travis Pratt on Instagram and on Twitter @LeadingTenor. For booking information, contact Treasure Marketing LLC at 229-429-6308 or
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