April 2017

 Graphics with Technology
A Winning Combination

At the recent ExhibitorLive event in Las Vegas, the E&E Exhibit Solutions booth utilized virtual technology within 10x20 trade show displays to drive traffic and increase the number of interested prospects.

We created an immersive experience using virtual reality (VR) where we embedded our company content into different world experiences.  You can watch the video below.  Press down on your mouse as you move the cursor while the video plays to view in 360 degrees.

At the  National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) , 2017 event attendees saw more technology used within the trade show booths than ever before. Businesses used a variety of technologies to attract visitors to their area including:
  • Live Streaming 
  • Podcasts
  • Smart Phone videography
  • 360-degree video
From a Shutterstock article recapping the event by   we learn:

"New streaming tools are constantly in the news, and NAB saw plenty of new tools for podcasters and web video producers. One of the biggest products was the  Blackmagic Web Presenter  - which will accept any camera's SDI or HDMI connection - and then make it appear like a USB webcam. This means you can plug a studio camera or camcorder into the Web Presenter and send that feed to streaming sites like  Facebook Live YouTube Live Skype Ustream Twitch , and more."

However, incorporating sophisticated and costly cameras isn't the only way you can include technology within your exhibit, event display or corporate conference. The camera most often in use at trade shows these days is an individual smartphone. Maher went on to explain:

"At a show where every booth displayed camera equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars, the camera you would most often see on the showroom floor was the smartphone. Attendees were constantly using smartphones to upload statuses, selfies, pictures, videos, and more. Many were even  streaming live video via Facebook . Countless booth representatives were always mid-interview, often speaking directly into a smartphone."

Using custom graphics as the foundation of your branded environment, custom event graphics and/or trade show display is a great way to highlight your company brand, logo, mission statement and product selection.  However, including technology and social media in the mix will help to entice more traffic as well as help to spread the word outside the event. 

If you want people to remember who you are long after the event is over; consider incorporating virtual reality technology to your next display. 

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