May 2017

 Graphics Communicate Your Message

In an  INC magazine articleauthor John Baldoni recounted a lesson he learned many years ago that is actually taken from the philosopher Aristotle:

"Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them." 

People need to see and/or hear a message multiple times before it sinks in. Additionally, people need to hear in a variety of manners, before the message registers; words, images, action. 

What better way to convey your message multiple times than with large format digital graphics?  Graphics help you SHOW your message - not just tell them.

Using graphics you can communicate your message in a variety of ways and locations:

  • Street signs
  • Building wraps
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Window signage
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Hanging signs
  • Banners
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall graphics
In every location, you can imprint your company colors, logo, and product images so that consumers will see your message multiple times. The more times your message is conveyed, the more likely it will be remembered.

How many times have you seen a great television commercial but you can't remember the actual product or company that was being advertised. Often what has happened is that the message was buried so deep in the company's desire to be clever that they've missed the greatest marketing opportunity of all - a chance to be remembered.

In Becky Mccray's article Tell Them Seven Times, she offers six great suggestions for how you can get people to remember your message. Here are just a few:

  • Stick with a theme or promotion much longer than you think. Why do you think Absolut Vodka used the same ad campaign (the distinctive bottle shape, and a pun around "Absolut") for so long?
  • Use multiple media to give the same message. Don't be afraid to put the same basic information into your Facebook Page update, your Twitter stream, an email, plus a sign on the door at your store.
  • Repeat messages many more times than you think necessary. How many times do you have to send your message on Twitter or Facebook before your average follower even sees it once?

Using graphics, you can incorporate the same philosophy by repeating the messages on your window graphics, cash wrap, hanging signs and backlit graphics. It is all about consistency and being repetitive. The next time you go into a large retailer, notice the number of times brand images and sales offers are repeated. 

In the image above, we used the same look and feel to create branded environments that reflect the company brand. Notice how the same format is used even though the actual words are different. People attending the event knew as soon as they walked into the convention center that there was a cohesion throughout the ballroom. 

Consider the fact that communication hits consumers in a rapid-fire manner. Make sure you tell them you are going to tell them --- tell them ---  and then tell them you told them with your graphic displays. 

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