Hoffman Nursery Newsletter July 2015
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Green Roof Results from Chicago Botanic Garden
Sporobolus heterolepis 'Tara'
Sporobolus heterolepis 'Tara' was one of nine plants to receive a five-start rating in the green roof trials.
The Chicago Botanic Garden just published results of their five-year study on green roof plants. 
Nine taxa received five-star excellent ratings for their overall performance and survivability.

These t op-rated plants "consistently displayed good vigor and robust habits, superior ornamental qualities, disease resistance, heat and drought tolerance, and winter hardiness/survivability throughout the evaluation period." Two grasses received the highest rating: Sporobolus heterolepis and S. heterolepis 'Tara'. According to plant evaluation manager Richard Hawke, Sporobolus heterolepis is, "an absolute standout on the green roof."

Several other grasses received high ratings, including Andropogon gerardii, Bouteloua curtipendula, Koeleria glauca, K. macrantha, and Schizachyrium scoparium.

The report includes a wealth of information. For details, download the full report . You can also learn more about the green roof and the plant evaluation program.
Plant Evaluation Garden and Green Roof
The 16,000-square-foot Green Roof Garden atop the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center, overlooking the Lavin Plant Evaluation Garden.
Photo: Chicago Botanic Garden

Plants for Green Infrastructure
Plants for Green Infrastructure Last month, we previewed our 2015-2016 catalog and told you about the newest section. It  covers the emerging field of green infrastructure.  This is an exciting time to be in our industry as cities turn to plants and soils for greener solutions.  
We see great opportunity for growers and landscape professionals to supply, install, and maintain green infrastructure projects. Plants like g rasses, sedges, and rushes are integral to those solutions.

That's why the new section of our catalog  describes the most common green infrastructure projects that use plants in their design. And it shows you which grasses, sedges, and rushes should perform well in those project conditions.

To access the plant list and project descriptions, go to our post on Plants for Green Infrastructure.
Grasses & Sedges Host Pollinators
Grasses & Sedges for pollinatorsYou probably know that many flowering plants host pollinators, but did you know grasses and sedges are among them?

Because many of these species are wind-pollinated, we don't think of them in the context of butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. However, many do provide shelter, food for caterpillars, and nectar and pollen for adults.

For  a list of species that support pollinators and links to resources that can give you more information , go to this post .
What's New in HNI Plants?
Eragrostis elliottii 'Wind Dancer'
Wind Dancer Love Grass

With blue-green foliage and showy, cloudlike panicles, this Love Grass shines. It's a North American native cultivar with good looks and a strong root system that establishes quickly.  Found in sandy pinelands and live-oak woodlands on the eastern coastal plain, it handles  dry conditions once established.  Perfect for stabilizing a steep hillside or anchoring a new planting. For more info, see our plant profile.

Quick Facts: Warm season, blue green foliage, 2 feet, 3 feet with flower, sun, dry-average, flowers midsummer, Zones 6-9, Origin: North America.

Eragrostis elliottii 'Wind Dancer'

Bringing Youth to Horticulture
Horticultural Science Summer Institute This summer Hoffman Nursery sponsor ed a student attending the North Carolina Horticultural Science Summer Institute . This program gives youth hands-on opportunities to explore a range of horticultural possibilities. It might be breeding better fruits and vegetables, growing a diverse selection of woody ornamentals or perennials, lengthening the life of cut flowers, or sustainable production practices.

Our sponsored student is a rising senior at Northern High School in Durham, NC and is spending the summer working at Hoffman Nursery. Earlier this month, he gave a presentation at the program's farewell luncheon. He talked about his rewarding experience with the Institute and recieved his certificate for completing the program. John and Jill Hoffman attended to support him. We're very proud to be a part of this program and to help students along their career paths.
On the Road with Summer Shows
John Hoffman & Magan Agee at Cultivate'15
John Hoffman and Magan Agee at Cultivate'15
It's a big event with educational sessions and a huge trade show that attracts thousands of people. Held July 12-15 in Columbus, Ohio, Cultivate'15 was a success, and we had a great time. 

Magan Agee, our Director of Sales, was honored at a reception for being one of GPN Magazine's 40 Under 40. Meanwhile,  Shannon Currey, our Marketing Director, was one of five presenters for the educational sessions on green infrastructure and the green industry.  For more highlights, visit our Cultivate'15 post .
David Hoffman, Vince Dooley, Hunter Kornegay
David Hoffman (L) and intern Hunter Kornegay (R) get a pat on the back from Coach Vince Dooley.
Southern Nursery Association
This event brings folks from across the Southeast for a trade show, research conference, board meeting, and educational sessions all wrapped together.

This year our summer intern, Hunter Kornegay, went with John and David Hoffman to the event. They spent time in the Hoffman Nursery booth and attended some of the educational sessions.

It was a fun time, and Hunter was especially thrilled to meet Dr. Michael Dirr and Coach Vince Dooley. Hunter said it was exciting to finally meet the author of books he's been using in school.
Perennial Plant Association Annual Symposium
PPA Annual SymposiumIt's going on this week in Baltimore.  John and David Hoffman are attending, and their time will be filled with tours, talks, colleagues, and friends. If you're attending, stop by Booth 309 and say hello.

We can't wait to see pictures and hear about their travels. Get the scoop next month after they've returned. 
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