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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   February  2017

Califor ni a
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to California. This photo, taken along the coast highway between Los Angeles and Ventura, is indicative of the breathtaking beauty we witnessed.

Our granddaughter, Taylor, plays basketball for Hancock College in Santa Maria and works part-time at Jamba Juice. We got to watch her play in four games.

Union Station, LA

We rode Amtrak from Gallup, NM, to Los Angeles.
Union Station in LA is a sight to behold.

The walls, floors, and ceilings were works of art all in themselves.

We highly recommend, if you are ever in Los Angeles, that you tour Union Station. It's vintage decor has been preserved and is entirely authentic.

We enjoyed our train trip immensely and would recommend Amtrak.

South of Ventura, just off the coast highway, is a lovely Danish town called Solvang. We spent the better part of a morning walking the streets and enjoying the lovely architecture, as well as the pastries!

Kelsey Winery 

Grapevines cover the hillsides in every direction in central California. We toured Kelsey Winery and sampled a number of their wines. The peacocks roam freely on the grounds.

Elephant Seals 

We were so fortunate to be able to witness the migration of the elephant seals. They beach every winter along the coast, give birth in the early spring, then return to the ocean. The females can weigh as much as 1600 pounds, and the males up to 5000.
Hearst Castle
Down the road a little ways from the elephant seals, the Hearst Castle sits high above the ocean and has a magnificent view. We found the castle, the number one tourist attraction in California (with the exception of Disneyland), to be a monument to excess and a bit pretentious. 

The view of the countryside and the ocean beyond, however, was spectacular.
SLO Farmers Market 

In spite of the cold the San Luis Obispo Farmers Market was in full swing with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, good food, and an unusual variety of street musicians performing all kinds of music. 

While it made me appreciate our little farmers market in Pagosa Springs, probably the most interesting thing to me was this historic "gum wall." That's our daughter, Lisa, in the background, and she gives you a perspective on how long this wall is. 

I only wish I had had a wad of gum to contribute

Avila Beach 
Taylor, Allan and me enjoying the beautiful Avila Beach.
Back at the Ranch 
Capturing the full moon
Herd of elk passing thru every morning
Our grandson Teeg, 2 years old, helping grandpa wean calves. He didn't have any gloves so grandpa put socks on his hands!
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In Closing . . .   
Hopefully you are still with me to the end. This is a long newsletter - or a least a whole lot of pictures. I hope you enjoyed them.

Quite honestly, although our trip was wonderful, Allan and I were ever so happy to return home. We are grateful to live where we do and have the life that we have. Folks spend a lot of time and energy earning a living in many different ways and in so many different places, but in the end it seems like a simple lifestyle can bring the most happiness.

God bless you. Give a little extra love to your valentine this year.
Lois & Allan

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