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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   January  2017
Christmas Fun! 

Santa Claus (aka Garrett Hammer, our son-in-law) made a very surprise visit to our house the night we had our family get together. The little kids just accepted his visit as if it were the most natural thing. No questions, no pondering. Santa came. Of course he did.

Kyler, our 14 year old grandson, kept asking me who santa was. He didn't even recognize his dad. It was all too funny, and such a memorable night for everyone.

Christmas Gloegg 

A Christmas tradition passed down in Allan's family is to serve Gloegg, a Swedish drink that we concoct over Thanksgiving and let rest until Christmas. It has brandy, red wine, sugar, cinnamon sticks, cardamon seeds, raisins, and shaved almonds. 

We heat it up, and while we try to serve it still flaming, that is a real challenge and we usually give up on that part. We always warn not to inhale the vapors as you drink, but also guarantee that if you have a cold this will clear your sinuses!

Turkey Update 

Those darn turkeys are history! They had gotten so big that the carcuses were almost unmanageable.

Allan and our son Dusty deep fried one of them. It barely fit into the pot. Allan says he was on the phone with the fire department, keeping them on standby. LOL.

We smoked portions of one of the other birds, and that came out really good as well. What a feast we had!

Allan's 89 Year Old Mom  
Allan's mom, Doris (left) and sister Ebby (right)
Just thought you might like to see a picture of Allan's mom and her sister. They were able to get together over the holidays. 
Rest in Peace 
Shortly after my visit to Cincinnati, my nephew, Steve Westerkamp, passed away. Our entire family threw him a Christmas party at the hospice center, which he greatly appreciated. They provided a huge room, already decorated, for us to use. Well over 100 people attended and were able to say goodbye to him.

We found out how loved Steve was by many, many people. The stories they told were heartwarming. Steve was special needs as a result of a reaction to a vaccination when he was 11 months old. Years ago he was a bagger at a local grocery store and many folks remembered him from there - especially how kind, funny, and friendly he was.

The picture here is of Steve and his coworkers from the Goodwill Center at the Christmas party. He worked there until he found out he had leukemia in early 2016.

This was the most awesome celebration of life. In spite of the fact that Steve died just before Christmas, our sad memories will be mixed with this wonderful one in the future. It was an inspiring way to celebrate life in the face of death.

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In Closing . . .   

While the winter has been pretty mild so far, we did have some very cold days and Allan took this picture of the frost patterns on the hood of his truck. Brrrrrr . . . 

And sorrow was mixed with more sorrow when we realized the same day that my nephew died that Gabe, the best dog ever, was missing. We can only assume that a pack of coyotes, or a mountain lion, got him. Needless to say we are incredibly sad, especially the grandkids and me. 

On a happier note, we pray that your Christmas was bright and that the new year is your best ever. God bless each and every one of you - we are so glad that you are a part of our family.
Lois & Allan

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