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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   January  2018
The Year in Review 
Thought you might find it kind of fun to look back over the year with us . . .

In January we traveled by train to California to visit our granddaughter, Taylor, and to watch her play basketball for Hancock College, in Santa Maria.

February was a pretty quiet month. Grandpa's helper, Teeg, was always ready to help feed the animals and keep up with the chores.

In March we had our first calf of the year.


We bought about 3 dozen chicks in April. We also traveled to Rockport, Texas, for a little R&R. The condo where I took this picture from was heavily damaged in the hurricane in September. Rockport took the eye of the storm.

May was the month we got the greenhouse going in earnest. The summer heat slowed everything down quite a bit, but fall brought a good harvest.

By June the greenhouse was going strong, especially the tomatoes. We picked a few cherries from the orchard, the only fruit of the season, thanks to a spring frost.

In July we introduced Berkshire pork to our meat lineup. 

In August we introduced Summer Sausage, Beef Sticks, and Beef Jerky.
And the garden harvest was bountiful. 

September was the month we were to visit Allan's mom in Houston. We were very fortunate that our trip was not planned for earlier, as we would have been caught in the hurricane.

The cattle were enjoying lush grasses, the calves were all settled, and life was good.

October was a month of contrasts. Allan and I spent a week at the beach at Oak Island, North Carolina, with my sisters and spouses. But the boys also worked very hard branding, castrating, and giving shots to all of the calves.

In November we traveled to Texas to visit Allan's mom. The damage to her home from the floods was pretty significant.

December - The Great Cattle Drive 
What a great day we had last Friday! Allan needed to move about 75 heifers from one lease to another, a distance of about 5 or 6 miles. Because the loading facilities were less than ideal at the origin, he decided we would do an old fashioned cattle drive. With help from out daughter, Lisa, our grandson Kyler (15), our granddaughter Reece (11), grandson Teeg (3), and a friend, Monty, we were able to get it done with almost no glitches and in good time. Took some fun pictures along the way . . .

Kyler and Lisa mounted and ready to go.
Getting ready to start the drive.

Headed down the first road. Allan and Teeg in the truck, leading the way, with Lisa and Kyler bringing up the rear on horseback. Monty and I, along with Reece, blocked the side roads with our vehicles. The drive went from gravel road, to paved, and back to gravel again.

We had to cross over the main highway. Monty and I stopped traffic to allow the cattle to cross. It went well.

Very nearly to our destination. Lisa and Kyler pushing from behind, with a little help from Reece and me in my car.

All settled into the new pasture. Yahoo!

Day is done, gone the sun. Caught this from our back porch.

Last but not least - our last calf of the year, born a few weeks ago.
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In Closing . . .   

I thought this newsletter was going to be easy, but it seemed to take as long as the year itself! Okay, not really, but nearly. 

It's been a good year for us. Looking back through all these pictures makes us realize how blessed we are, and how much we have to be thankful for. 

We sure could use some moisture, though. Wolf Creek Ski Area is open only because they are able to make snow. The same drought that enabled the fires in California is leaving us high and dry. High and dry - now that's funny!

God bless you all. 2018 is going to be a great year for this country. Sure hope it brings you abundant prosperity and good health.
Lois & Allan

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