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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter    July  2020
Short and Simple
So this newsletter is going to be short and simple this month. Last week our processor called to tell us that he is going out of business, effective immediately. This news sent us reeling, to say the least. We were scheduled to take more animals in for processing this Thursday, and every month for the rest of the year.

We called other USDA processors in the area (there are very few) and were told that they are booked solid through the end of the year, and some into next year. So we have hit a roadblock of sorts, and are scrambling to figure out what to do.

We are looking into various possibilities. I have calls into a number of non-USDA processors in the hope that we can get the animals processed that way. Should that become an option, we are looking into the best and simplest way to take care of your needs. We will keep you posted via email as to what direction we will go.

In the meantime, although our beef supply is getting low, our animals look great and we should have some really great beef again this year. We have a good supply of chicken and pork on hand, and the lamb supply, while not huge, should hold for a few months. 

This is not the end, this is just the start of something new. Please know that we are doing everything we can to continue forward, and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.
Garden Update
OK, so it's just not a newsletter without some pictures of the garden. I have been using Age Old fertilizers that our son, Dusty, recommended, and everything is growing like crazy. Been harvesting lettuce, kale, green onions, spinach, and a few snap peas, and soon should be getting some tomatoes and zucchini. Gonna be a good year for the garden!
Brussel sprouts
Tomatoes from last year's seed
Kale, peppers and onions
Lots growing in this bed. Explosion!

This is the bed that had so many roly polys. I treated it with organic pest controls and it really took off.
Best green beans and limas ever!
Potatoes are growing very well.
Gonna seriously need some zucchini friends!
Mixed salad greens. We are having some really nice salads.

In Closing . . .
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In all of this craziness we feel that God is taking the business in a new direction, and we trust that this will be better  for us and that we will be stronger. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we try to listen for God's voice and yield to his ways. For quite a while now we have been thinking that we might need to make some adjustments as we grow older, and God's hand is moving us in ways we have yet to discover. Please know that we do not take your loyalty lightly, and are trying to find a way that works well for all.

God bless you, and God bless America!
Lois & Allan

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