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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   July  2018
Dusty Got Married! 
Our son, Dusty, married the love of his life, Clara Barber, on June 6th in Grand Junction. Clara has a daughter, Bella, the same age as Dusty's little girl, Charlee (6), and they are best of friends and sisters to the core. Allan's brother, Glenn, and his wife, Becky, came up from Austin to attend the wedding. Our daughter, Lisa, with her kids Reece and Teeg, also attended. They held the wedding and reception at their home. It was a wonderful day and an absolutely beautiful wedding. 

As with most weddings, the kids have a blast. Top row, a friend, Teeg, Charlee, and Bella. Bottom row, Reece and a friend.


Albino Raccoon in the House 
Albino raccoons are born with the odds stacked against them. If they can manage to survive to adulthood, they have the rest of their life to avoid predators since they were born with no natural camouflage. Many wildlife biologists agree that albinism occurs in about 1 out of 750,000 raccoons. You have a better chance of being struck by lightening than to see an albino raccoon. 

Allan trapped this mature Albino raccoon in our shed, after he was raiding the dog food nightly. This may also be the one that was getting in under our house, doing much destruction. He later released him at the back of our property. 
What an interesting surprise he was.
Twin Calves

So one of our cows had twins this year - another (although not as rare) unlikely experience. We lost one to coyotes so this definitely helps to make up for that. They are both quite healthy and full of life, running and playing and exhibiting their love of life.

Front Flower Garden 
I have been trying for the past few years to establish a flower garden at the house. Planted these hollyhocks last year, and this year they are absolutely gorgeous. There are also some roses, daylilies, and other assorted plants.
Love My Vegetable Garden!
Stand of onions and garlic
My asparagus bed. Got quite a few cuttings this year, but next year should be crazy good. They are flourishing. 

The potato buckets are doing great. Planted about 3 per bucket and have already added two more layers of dirt. Should have potatoes from top to bottom, if all goes well.

Broccoli transplants doing great in my outside garden.
Broccoli in the greenhouse. Already transplanted about 25 plants, and still too thick.
The artichokes were very small this year, as expected, so I decided to let them go to seed. What a beautiful plant!

My tomato plants are thriving in the greenhouse. These are the first to ripen, but many more to come. I planted  8 buckets, all with heirlooms.

This is my huge trough in the middle of the greenhouse. Kind of a funny mix of stuff. I planted melons at first, but when they didn't sprout, I planted some sweet potatoes. Then I decided to put some broccoli transplants in and they took off. Then my melons sprouted! Along with the apricot tree in the middle, it is quite the little garden. Everything is doing very well. We will see how it all comes out!

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In Closing . . .   
The drought continues. We wake to smoke almost every morning. It is taking its toll in so many ways. Allan is working tirelessly to spread the irrigation water, but with no rain he wonders how much good it is doing. The ground is dry and cracked shortly after he moves the water to the next area. Unfortunately we will be taking many of our animals to the sale barn soon, as there is not enough feed to get through the winter and hay prices are going through the roof. We hope to keep enough to continue our program through next year, but another year of drought and I am afraid many ranchers will have to throw in the towel. We are trying to hang on to a core group of our cows.

Needless to say, we would appreciate your prayers for rain for our area. I am always reminded that they believe the cliff dwellers and the Chimney Rock Indians left the area because of a prolonged drought. We don't need to leave, but it sure is making ranching difficult.

God bless you all. Thanks for your prayers and your continued support of our business.
L ois & Allan

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