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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter    June  2019

Nice Surprises!

My friend, Cruz Muir, brought me these columbines from her garden. All I can say is, "WOW!"
Our daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Garrett, gave me this maple tree. Best Mother's Day give ever!
My friend, Lisa Wagner, gave me iris bulbs, and they are absolutely beautiful this year.

In spite of our remodel the small garden by the house came back crazy good this year.
Allan found these wonderful boxes for me to use in the greenhouse for raised beds. They are recycled stone crates and are very sturdy.

What a great month May was!!!
New Blessings

3 of our yearling heifers were accidentally exposed to our neighbor's bull last year, and this is one of our unexpected blessings.
Allan has problems with his feet so we felt he needed a better way to get around. We got a great deal on this used Kabota side by side at Southwest Ag, one of Allan's favorite places to shop. No kidding. All boy toys.

We needed some fill dirt to stem the encroachment of the pond near our home. Rather than haul in more dirt, Allan opened up the pond, nearly tripling it in size, to get the necessary dirt. The result is awesome, and we now have a lovely "new" pond.

We have had weekly rains, and the grass is growing beautifully. Allan is so very grateful, as his workload is greatly lessened by the rain. His irrigation systems are producing more than enough water to keep the grass in optimum condition. What a difference a year can make, and a little water. We thank God every day!
Albino Raccoon
We have reported on this albino raccoon in the past. Allan caught it, and then relocated it to any area many miles from our ranch. Recently it began to show its face again. Albino raccoons are extremely rare, with the chance of seeing one only about 1 in 750,000. Thought you might like to see it again.
Orchard Update
So far my apple tree (left) and my peach tree (right) have survived the late winter frosts. I am so hoping to get fruit again this year. Last year was the first that we had apples, and I found out that they are early apples, not fall apples. I plan to keep a close eye on them this year.

Both of our cherry trees are also doing great (above left and right). Right now the apples, peaches, and cherries are all about the same size, but that will soon change. The cherries should be ready to pick in June. The raspberries and blackberries are doing pretty well, although a couple plants did not survive the winter.
Garden Update

My strawberry patch is doing very well. This will be the first year that I get some strawberries, and from the number of blooms, I should get quite a few. So exciting. I have a rhubarb plant that has already produced one crop, and is now going to seed, a first. I am constantly surprised at my plants and their evolution. Large learning curve!

I started a bunch of tomatoes from seed I saved back from last year (above), as well as some pepper plants. I didn't have much confidence that they would sprout and grow, but amazingly enough they all did, and I have been able to give away many tomato starts to friends. My artichoke plant (right) is coming back strong.

Everything I planted in the greenhouse is doing great, including the beets (above left) and the green beans (above right). I planted lettuce, radishes, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, kale, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, onions, sweet peas, melons and squash in my various raised beds. As usual the melons are a bit slower to start, but everything is doing fine and it looks to be a very good season. The forecast is for a cooler than usual summer which will definitely help the plants in the greenhouse. I hope to get all the outside beds planted in the next week or so. The potatoes are thriving and after a great start in the greenhouse have already been moved to the outside.
June Special

15 pounds Chuck Roast - $100
regularly $120

15 pounds Sirloin Tip Roast - $100
regularly $120

15 pounds Sirloin Butt Roast - $110
regularly $135

15 pounds Sirloin Tip Steak - $100
regularly $120

15 pounds Short Ribs - $45
regularly $60

Berkshire Pork Suet  - $1.09 per pound
regularly $2.99

If your order comes to $300, take an additional 10% off these already crazy low prices. $200 orders qualify for a 5% discount.

In Closing . . .   

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful dads out there. You can make all the difference in your children's lives, instilling their sense of self worth. It really is the most important task you have in life.

As is probably coming through loud and clear, Allan and I are so grateful for the rains we have been getting, and the abundance of irrigation water. We have struggled with drought since we moved to Arboles and took over the ranch, and experiencing abundant moisture is a dream come true for us. Allan is beginning to see his vision for the ranch coming to fruition. 

Hope your dreams are coming true as well. We are saddened for the folks in other parts of the country suffering from bad weather, and are constantly reminded that this is a great place to live.

God bless you, and God bless your families.
Lois & Allan

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