GrassRoots Meats Newsletter
June 2021

On the Ranch
So far the weather has been great and we've gotten a fair amount of rain. Best start for the grass since we moved down here 10 years ago. Yahoo!! And it is not even summer. We are still in a heavy drought, with water levels very low in the reservoirs, but we are hopeful that we will get enough rain to supplement the irrigation water.
We acquired a new 123 acre lease about 5 miles from the ranch. We are very excited about it as it has LOTS of irrigation water. The problem is that it hasn't been worked in about 50 years and the only way to spread the water right now is ditch irrigation, the hardest way to move the water. It is very promising, though, and we are very glad to have it. Our animals are loving it.
Took some sheep to the USDA processing plant a few weeks ago, so we will soon have lamb cuts available again. Another big yahoo!
We have LOTS of new calves on the ground. I took this picture just minutes after this calf was born. Pure white. We have gotten quite a few white calves - one from a black momma. Crazy. That is the Shorthorn influence in the breeding.

Calving time is such an exciting time for Allan. He takes such joy in each life as it hits the ground, and agonizes over any that he loses. While we lost one this year to an unfortunate accident, the rest are healthy and doing very well.

These barn cats are descended from a white cat that we got years ago. She is long gone, but the stripe down the middle of this cat's face is a distinct characteristic that she passed on. She was a wonderful cat and we are so happy that she lives on.
Congratulations Kyler
If you have been getting our newsletter over the years then you are surely familiar with our grandson, Kyler. He just graduated from Valor High School in Pagosa Springs, a private Christian school. Kyler plans to join us in the cattle operation, taking over as we get older. We honestly could not be more proud of him, and so excited for what the future holds.
His mom and dad presented him with his diploma. There were only 4 boys in his graduating class.
Rich & Savory Spice Blend
A number of years ago I developed this Rich & Savory Spice Blend. We were out of stock for awhile, but are reintroducing it in a 16 ounce bottle instead of the former 8 ounce bottle - a better value for you. Anyway, 8 ounces was just not enough! I love using this on my meat - beef, lamb, pork, and chicken - before I cook it, but it is also wonderful on vegetables and eggs. So many great ways to use it.
The Bad News
I am so sorry to report that we were not able to take the beef to the USDA processor in May, as hoped. They were just not ready for slaughter, and we have learned over the years that it is not worth it to take them too soon, as the meat is not at its best. We do, however, feel that they will be ready to go the end of this month, and ready to ship sometime around the end of July, first of August. We so hope we have not lost you as customers with all the problems over the past year. We expect to be back on track very soon.
Garden Update
The melons are coming on pretty well - much better than last year.
Good thing we like kale, because it grows SO well here.
My peas (left) are doing the best they have ever done. So far none have made it to the pot as we eat them right off the vine. SO good.

My zucchini (above) is coming along too. Again, they are so delicious small and straight off the vine. Can't wait to pick some. I have learned that I need to pollinate them myself when growing in the greenhouse, so I am ready to give it a try. Let you know how that works.
Only one artichoke so far, but looking for more to come.

Something new this year - trying to get some hanging pots going. So far, so good. Planted about 8 of them and ready to get them hung on our front porch.
In Closing . . .
Allan took this picture while cleaning out our headgate - the place where the irrigation water comes in. While you cannot see it, the rainbow's end in just above our house. He was very excited to capture this moment on film, and more excited about the promise of a beautiful rainbow after a much needed rain. We feel very blessed this year.

Happy Father's Day to each of you hard working dads. It is an honor to be a part of your lives.
God bless you all, and may you have a wonderful summer 2021.

Lois & Allan
Allan and Lois Higgins
945 CR 973
Ignacio, CO 81137
Lois – 970-582-0166 (Sales and Order Information)
Allan – 970-749-7670 (Production)