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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   March  2018
Stay In Pagosa & Pick Up Your Meat 

Did you know that we can book a condo for you at the Wyndham Resort in Pagosa Springs? Allan's mom is a platinum timeshare owner and we like to help her recover some of her maintenance fees, so we book rooms at the resort at crazy cheap prices for folks coming to pick up their meat.

While March (spring break) can be a little pricey and harder to get, in April we can book a fully equipped condo for as low as $60 per night. Summer is a little bit more expensive and a very busy season so it requires some lead time to book, but in the fall and winter it's pretty easy to find an available condo. Major holidays are harder to get as well, but we can always try.

You will need to call me, not the resort, to find out about availability and pricing. 

Pagosa is a such a great place to visit, with lots of fun things to do for the entire family.

For more information check out the

Great Time to Ship   

This is a great time of the year to ship meat, while the weather is still so cold. Although we can always pack your order with dry ice, ordering now can save on your shipping costs - and we can all relax knowing that Mother Nature is helping to keep your meat frozen along the way. 

Working on My Garden and Greenhouse 
An artichoke plant still going strong.

We are getting the raised beds ready in the greenhouse.

The two green plants in the forefront above are brussel sprouts that I planted late last summer. I am going to harvest them in the next few weeks.

Brussel sprout #1
Brussel sprout #2

Allan got a good deal on a couple of pallets of rich soil that we are using in the outside garden, the greenhouse, and the tomato and potato buckets. It was really warm for a while here and I started getting the bug to get the garden going, but soon enough it turned off cold again and I had to back off. I hope to get some plants going in the greenhouse by the end of this month.

Stuffed Chicken 

I find that in the winter I like to cook comfort food, and a stuffed chicken totally fits that bill. This one came out picture perfect. Complimented with mashed potatoes and some fresh vegetables, it is sure to make you feel happy and satisfied. Add a little champagne to the menu and it's the perfect Sunday afternoon delight, as long as a nap is on the schedule.

While I start with some seasoned stuffing mix, I like to add an egg, some broth, dried cranberries, onion, celery, and garlic. The broth is best when it is made from stewing the giblets, but I always keep some chicken broth in the freezer for an alternative solution. Cook at 350 degrees for about an hour. Use a meat thermometer to make sure it is done.

Corned Beef

Quite a few years ago I shared a recipe for corned beef that was easy and delicious, and I wanted to share it with you again. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it. You can use a brisket, but a sirloin butt roast, sirloin tip, or eye of the round would work just as well.

Ground Lamb $10.99 per pound
(regular price $11.99)

Ground Beef Family Package $250
(regular price $280)

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In Closing . . .   
While Easter is almost a month away, it's always a good time to reflect on the amazing gift we were given when Christ took our place, sacrificing his life on the cross so that we could have eternal life. It is a mystery that my mind is not able to understand, but one that gives me great peace in this life, especially when I know I have failed in my daily walk. It is not my good deeds that will save me, but his. What a relief, cause I often fail as a "good deed doer."

Not long ago a very good customer unsubscribed from the newsletter and stopped buying our meat because she did not like that I refer to God in my newsletters. While she is certainly entitled to her opinion, I cannot separate my love of God from my zeal for our business. They are so intricately entangled that one necessitates the other. That being said, I am also glad that I don't have to be a perfect Christian because he was, and he will stand in my place before the Father.

God bless each of you this Easter season, and throughout the year. Let's each try to do our best to keep Jesus at the center of our celebration.
Lois & Allan

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