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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   March  2019
Snow, Snow and More Snow
No more crying about the drought! Just slap me in the head if I say anything about needing moisture. It snowed in Arboles - and snowed, and snowed, and snowed. We got about 3 feet out of the last storm alone, on top of a fair amount of snow from previous storms. Allan is confident that the grass will be amazing this summer, with lots of irrigation water, but for the time being he is pretty tired of plowing and shoveling snow.

From our new front porch
Super Moon 
Did you get to see the super moon this past month? They said it was the largest it will be until about 2026. 

While it doesn't look that big in this picture, it was just beautiful watching from the porch as it was coming up.
Potato Candy 
My sister, Jan, texted to ask if I had the recipe for our grandmother's potato candy. I think she used to make it with leftover mashed potatoes. I didn't have it, but of course Google did. I remember eating hers, but couldn't remember a lot about it, so I made the Google version. It is delicious, although pretty darn sweet. Takes like a Mound/Almond Joy, depending on the kind of chocolate you use and if you put an almond on top. Next time I might use unsweetened coconut. This I made with semi-sweet chips and that was quite delicious.
Before dipping
Ready to eat

Baking Lots of Bread 
Baked a lot of bread this month. Started by making some sprouted wheat bread for our daughter, Lisa. She has some issues with wheat, and I was hoping that sprouting the whole wheat berry and letting it sour a bit would produce a bread that her body tolerates better. The jury isn't in yet, but I feel pretty confident that it will work for her.

Ready to go after wheat berries are sprouted for a few days and put in blender

Making the sponge

First rise - the longer you leave it the more sour it will be

Adding flour to sponge

...enough flour to get a nice, soft dough ball

Sometimes I divide the dough in half to get a couple of smaller loaves, and sometimes I make one big loaf

I like to use this enameled cast iron dutch oven for baking my bread

Warm from the oven and ready to eat!

I also made some sour dough bread from wheat flour that we get from the Navajo Agricultural Project, where Allan gets a lot of his winter hay. I really like the quality and it makes some very nice bread
Liverworst Pate'
I have always liked liver, and being German, growing up I also loved liverwurst. We smoked a turkey a few weeks ago and I decided to make a pate' with the giblets. First time I have ever used the heart and kidney in a pate', but the food processor did a good job of pureeing it all. It isn't the prettiest color when done, but oh so delicious. If I have any on hand I sometimes put in some beets or beet juice to give it a more appetizing color. But for me, since I love liver, it really doesn't need it. Check out my recipe.


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Beef Italian Sausage
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Beef Breakfast Sausage
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In Closing . . .   
This past week Allan brought all the cows home from winter pasture in New Mexico. Unfortunately all of this snow drives the elk down from the high country, and they have been feasting on the grass he stockpiled for the cows last fall. We had to purchase a lot of hay this year - way more than we were budgeting for - and it looks like we will be buying more. Ouch! 

Did I say slap me if I complain about no moisture? Guess it is never a perfect world. In spite of all the extra work, though, we really are very grateful. Seeing hundreds of elk is a beautiful sight - as long as they are on someone else's property. When they are eating up all your grass they are just not welcome.

We are looking forward to some good high school basketball over the next few weeks. Our girls are ranked first in the state in one poll and third in another. They will be hosting regionals this week. Our boys are ranked 25th and will be playing in Thornton, hoping to make it to the University of Denver the following weekend for the finals. We are one basketball crazy family, and we wish our grandson, Kyler, the best of luck in his tournament. The team is very young, and has struggled with sickness and injuries this season. No matter how this turns out, we are already looking forward to a great season next year.

Hope you are well and enjoying the winter in your area. And Happy St. Patty's Day to ya!
Lois & Allan

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