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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   May  2018

If April showers really do bring May flowers, we probably won't see many flowers in our area this May.  Because I am watering my flower garden these beautiful tulips are blooming. However, we received almost no rain in April, placing us in a "Exceptional Drought" classification (the most severe), and sending ripples of alarm throughout the farming and ranching community with regards to irrigation water shortages and fire danger.  Allan is thinking we might have to sell off a portion of our herd if things do not improve soon. Managing for drought is tough and requires some very difficult  decisions.
Good News 
There is a silver lining in this cloud, though. Choke Cherry Tree, a specialty food store in uptown Pagosa Springs, is now carrying most of our meats, second only in selection to what we carry in our warehouse.

They are located at 56 Talisman Drive and
are open 7 days a week.

And to make things even better, Hometown Market in downtown Pagosa Springs is also carrying our meat.
They are located at 755 San Juan Street (Main St) and are also open 7 days a week.

Seeding Project 
Allan and crew have been hard at work with our seeding project. The wind and drought have made it very difficult for them. but we are hoping for the best.

They first plowed the fields, then drilled in the seed, blew shredded oat straw over the top, and then crimped the straw in to stabilize and protect the seed.  Needless to say, some steady moisture would sure contribute to the success of this project, as well as a little less wind. Because he drilled the seed in we stand a better chance of it sprouting when we do finally get some moisture.
Dredging the Pond 
Our main pond is what they call a trash pond because it collects all the debris coming down through the irrigation ditch. Every few years we have to clean it out. This year we did it just before they sent the irrigation water down the ditch.

Digging out the main pond below the house.

Digging out the upper pond.

4 or 5 herons had been coming regularly to the pond. When the water was drained and we were cleaning it out I caught this one wondering what in the world was going on. 

Here comes the irrigation water.

It took about 15 minutes to fill - the force and speed of the water was quite amazing. If you look closely you can see Allan just to the left of the building (picture on right), giving you a perspective on the amount of water it takes to fill the pond.

We are very happy to have some water coming down the ditches again. Most of the ponds in our area were completely dry.
R eece - God's Perfect Blessing 
Reece is our 11 year old special needs granddaughter. Her oxygen was cut off during labor, resulting in mild cerebral palsy. She had surgery on her eyes when she was a year old, tightening up muscles that allowed her eyes to focus. At that point she began to crawl, and finally began to walk at about two years, albeit with very limited coordination. We put a bicycle helmet on her when she went outside, as falling was normal and her head usually landed first. Reece does not talk, but is able to hear just fine, and manages to communicate with us through a combination of signing and grunts - which are amazing in their variety, and which we all seem to easily understand.
Dancing with pure joy and excitement
Reece, with her aide Alyssa, getting ready to start a race at her recent special needs track and field day in Durango, CO. While she doesn't appear to have great talent in this area, we are truly amazed and grateful for all that she is able to do, especially considering how badly she was set back at birth and throughout her first few years of her life.

May Specials

Buy 5 pounds Ground Beef

Buy 7 pounds Ground Lamb

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast - $6.99 per pound
Regular price $7.99

Beef Sirloin Butt Roast - $7.99 per pound
Regular price $8.99

In Closing . . .   
My greenhouse is doing great, with lots of veggies sprouting, and life just bursting forth. The therapy I receive from tending my garden is priceless. Pictures next month, for sure.

My mom has been gone for a few years now, but Allan's mom is still alive and living in an assisted living residence in Houston. Being a mom is an incredibly special calling - one that requires wisdom, patience, and kindness, that can only be exercised by the grace of God. May all you moms have a lovely Mother's Day again this year.
Lois & Allan

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