GrassRoots Meats Newsletter
New Life
The ranch is coming to life again. What a great time of the year! We have been getting a bit of rain lately and the pastures are greening up. Allan planted seed this spring and we are hoping it is germinating. Time will tell. The seeds I planted in the greenhouse have mostly sprouted and are pushing their way up and out.
My first tulip - it is truly picture perfect!
Apple Blossoms
Peach Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms
Bought some tomato plants (left) this year and while they haven't taken solid root just yet, they look like they will do okay. Also have some lettuce and radishes planted (right), but just barely have them going.
I didn't dig up all the potatoes in the greenhouse last year, and they are going crazy this year. Should have some "new" potatoes very soon.
Allan wanted to test his cover crop in the greenhouse, and it is going strong. I planted some green beans and lima beans in with the peas and looks like everybody is happy.
Squash is starting out well. I had a time with it last year and am hoping for better results this year.
Love my kale. Looks like I will have a lot again.
I planted this artichoke in the greenhouse a few years ago, on a lark, and it comes back year after year stronger than ever. Each year it produces a few more artichokes, so it will be interesting to see what we get this year.
I have made so many mistakes with my greenhouse over the years, but one of the biggest is not thinning my plants enough, ultimately leading to very little vegetable production. I just hate killing those little shoots. I decided this year I was going to be tough, though, and already I have started the thinning process. We will see if it makes a big difference. One gets tired of putting in so much work and not seeing lots of rewards.
Life On the Ranch
Teeg (7) and Reece (14) hauled trash from the house to the burn pit on the golf cart. They had SO much fun doing it, and were such a big help. Teeg loves to drive and does a good job.
Teeg with Lilo, our faithful border collie. She is getting awfully old and has a hard time getting around. What a great dog she is, though.

Geese coming into the upper pond.
Allan hired a friend to dig out the lower pond and rework the ditch coming into it, to create a better flow for the water as it comes down through the irrigation ditch. Took a whole week to complete the project, but we are hoping it will help to keep the pond from filling up with all the brush and trash that comes with the irrigation water. We are expecting the irrigation water to reach us by Monday at the latest.
USDA Beef and Lamb Cuts Coming Soon
Here are some of the animals we will be slaughtering this year for the meat program. They look really good coming off of winter. Our first batch of USDA beeves and lambs will be going in to the processor later this month and we should be ready to sell cuts again by late June, early July. Thanks so much for your patience as we work through these challenges.
Website Issues
Having some issues with orders not coming through to my inbox. Can't figure out why, but if you place an order and do not hear from me, please drop me a line and let me know. I will be checking the website regularly but it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan.
May Specials
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Chicken Whole Leg
$3.39 lb
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While Supplies Last!

In Closing . . .
We are so grateful to all who have given their lives so that we can have the freedoms we so take for granted in this country. Allan and I have had such a good life, and have such a good family. We are blessed beyond measure. It is so easy to forget that many, many brave men and women gave their lives so that we could live in this wonderful country and pass on to our children the opportunities that come with living in the land of the free. May we never take it for granted, and my we never give up the rights that we have fought so hard for.
God bless you all this Memorial Day!
Lois & Allan
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