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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   May  2017
Trip to Texas 

In April Allan and I took a trip to Houston to visit Allan's 89 year old mom, Doris. She is pretty housebound but we were able to get her out for a nice walk (ride, actually) around the neighborhood, which I think she enjoyed. Her only complaint was that she got too hot. I say, "Welcome to Houston!" It seems it is always extremely hot, or just on the edge of hot.

This picture was taken in her driveway. Allan remembers the oak tree behind her from when he grew up, marveling at its majesty. 

Easter in Texas

We enjoyed a lovely Easter sunrise service in Rockport, Texas. The palm trees and waters from the Gulf in the background created an Easter panorama we will long remember.

I captured this picture of the hanging cross just outside Decatur, Texas, on our way to Houston. What a moment that was to see this tribute to the risen Lord. I would love to give this company the credit it deserves but we did not see a sign on the building or in the lot.

Trees, Trees, and More Trees
Okay, so trees were definitely the defining experience this last month, starting with the tree behind Allan and his mom in the first picture, to this incredible tree just down the street a short ways from their house. The branches of this wondrous timber extend all the way across the street and fully into the yard of that home.

Took the above picture on the way to see "The Big Tree" in Rockport, pictured on the right. This Coastal Live Oak is over 1000 and possibly up to 2000 years old, is 11 feet across the trunk, 35 feet in circumference, 44 feet tall, and 89 feet across the crown. It is possibly the oldest live oak in Texas. Climatologists report that it has survived between 40 and 50 hurricanes, as well as numerous floods, droughts, and wildfires. 

To give you a perspective, here I am standing next to another, smaller tree in that grove. Don't know how far across I am, but thank God it's not 11 feet!

The above trees are "Leaning Trees," quite common along the coast in Rockport. The wind off the Gulf, as well as the salt water, cause these trees to become bent and "deformed." I suspect this is where the Leanin Tree greeting card line got its name.

No set of southern tree pictures is complete without one of the lovely palm trees so abundant on the gulf coast. 

Back home, our fruit trees are blooming and budding out.
Just hours after I took this picture of one of our cherry trees it began to sleet and snow. Life in the rockies!

A few miles from the house Allan spotted this bald eagle setting on her nest of eaglet eggs in this tree. We just love seeing the eagles. I think that anytime I see an eagle it is a kiss from God and it is going to be an exceptionally good day indeed!
Fun in the Sun in Texas 

Small inlets line the cove, offering each of the houses and condos a waterfront view and a slip for their boats.

What an enchanting view we enjoyed from the deck of the condo we stayed in in Rockport! We met up with Allan's brother, Glenn, and his wife, Becky, and spent a few days enjoying the Gulf Coast. 

This jetty was built with blocks of solid granite. I couldn't help but imagine what a beautiful countertop any one of them would have made for my house!

Allan and his brother had a great time fishing in Glenn's boat, but only caught one fish, a flounder, that was worth keeping. 

We enjoyed an amazing dinner of crab and shrimp stuffed flounder, more than enough for the 4 of us!
New Chicks 
Going on vacation is always fun, but once we head home we are kind of like horses headed to the barn - can't get there fast enough.

Unfortunately we had 11 hens when we left, and only 6 when we returned. 

So the time was right and we purchased 36 new chicks, soon to be laying hens.

The future looks bright for eggs, but the pickings are pretty slim at present.

May Special

Some of the animals we slaughtered
recently were pretty lean. 

We taste/quality tested a few of the steaks and found that some were very tender while others were just a little chewy, but in all cases the taste was quite delicious. 

For MAY ONLY we are offering them at deeply discounted prices . . 

Xtra Lean Ribeyes - $10.49 per pound

Xtra Lean New Yorks - $8.89 per pound

As always take a 10% discount on orders of $300 or more  and a 5% discount on orders of $200 or more!

Add some to your order of $300 and these steaks will yield a full 50% discount!  

In Closing . . .   

They just turned the irrigation water on last week, and hopefully God turned the snow and cold weather off at about the same time. Allan has plans to use the money we received from selling the cows in Texas to finish many of the projects he has envisioned for our ranch. Already things are ramping up, with an improved road, expanded cattle watering system, and new and improved corrals and fencing.

The greenhouse is planted and we are hoping for warm, sunny days to help germinate the seeds. I'd like to plant the outside garden by the end of this month. So much to look forward to this summer!

Hope your summer projects bring you as much pleasure as we hope ours do. God bless you and thanks again for being such loyal customers and friends!
L ois & Allan

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