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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter    October  2019

Work Day at the Ranch
A few weeks ago we had a fall work day at the ranch, with help from our daughter, Lisa, and her son, Kyler. They ear tagged the calves, banded them, and gave them their vaccinations.  What a great day it was, and how blessed we were to have their help. 

Getting everything ready
Waiting their turns
We could not be prouder of Kyler. At 17 he is better help than any full grown adult male, and more than ready to tackle the tough jobs. He hopes to take over the business one of these days. 

Squirting the wormer into their mouths
Securing the animals in the chute
Putting in the ear tag
Colorfest in Pagosa Springs
Friday evening, September 20th, we collaborated with Choke Cherry Tree to participate in a Colorfest evening of fun sponsored by the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce. Folks paid a $50 admission price and in exchange received a number of food and drink tickets, with which they purchased "tastes" from various restaurants and vendors from the area. 
Our grandson helped, along with our friend Heather, who is taking this picture. We offered roasted Sirloin Butt of Beef on a slice of baguette drizzled with Onion Blossom Horseradish Sauce, roasted Leg of Lamb on a lettuce leaf with Nectar of the Gods raspberry plum chipotle sauce, and pork Osso Buco on a tortilla wedge with creamy Hatch Green Chili sauce. I prepared all the meats and Choke Cherry Tree provided the sauces. We received tremendous feedback and were voted People's Choice by more than a few folks, although we did not win that award. However, Choke Cherry Tree won top honors for Best Sweet and Best Decorated Booth, both well deserved.
Harvest Time
How nice it has been to harvest fruit this year. We enjoyed 9 cantalope and lots of peaches.  They were both delicious. It just doesn't get any better than fruit fresh from the vine or the tree. Still eating on the peaches.

My onions did great. I wrapped them with jute string and hung them in my kitchen to dry. They looked amazing, but unfortunately this is not a good way to store them for the long haul, so eventually I had to cut them loose and put them in cold storage. So nice to see them hanging for a time, anyway.

Getting some GIANT squash this year, thanks to some seeds from friends. You can get an idea of their size by comparing them to these normal size zucchini and yellow squash. Hard to use so much, and it doesn't freeze well, so friends and family have been "gifted" with lots of squash this year.

Overall my garden has done very well, but cold nights early in the summer followed by extremely hot days later on stunted production quite a bit. My tomatoes did very well in the greenhouse, and not quite so well outside. Lots of green ones still ripening.

Allan took this picture of this lovely water lily blooming in the fish tank in the greenhouse. By the time I got home from Farmers Market it had closed up and never did open up again. I wish I could have seen it, but this picture is the closest I will come.

I am such a sucker for a good deal. I bought this mum, normally considered an annual, about 4 or 5 years ago at an end of the season closeout at Walmart. I put it in the greenhouse in the winter and take it out in the summer. Amazing! 

These cactus/succulents I bought on closeout at the grocery for $1 each, thinking what did I have to lose, but surely hoping they would survive. So far they are doing great, and I am trying hard to resist the temptation to water them too often. I give them a bit once a week and that seems to be working. I will bring them into the house this winter and hopefully keep them going.
Thanksgiving Turkeys
We should be getting in our Thanksgiving turkeys the first week of November, so call or email and reserve one as soon as you can. Supply will be limited. They will range in size from 8 to 16 pounds.

We are also offering all natural bone in hams, standing rib roasts, and racks of lamb for the holidays. Check out our new heading, Holiday Favorites, for sizes and pricing.

What's Up?
Working on something new for the website - "What's Up?" Periodically I will post a new topic or question, inviting all of you to join in a discussion, sharing your ideas and knowledge. I hope to have it ready to go this week. Just go to the Home Page of our website. Please let me know if you have any topics or questions that you would like to put out there. 

October Specials

Pork Shanks (Osso Buco)
$4.99 per pound

Beef Sirloin Butt Roast
$7.99 per pound

Beef Top Round Steak
$6.99 per pound

As usual take an additional 10% off if your order comes to $300!

In Closing . . .   
Fall is most certainly in the air. The colors are starting to change, and the heat of summer is slowly backing away. It is a MOST WONDERFUL time of the year. If we could just get rid of the pesky mosquitoes and hornets it would be a perfect world. Or nearly so.

Farmers Market has come to an end once again. It was a good year, and I enjoyed seeing old and new customers, as well as making many new friends. As I write this I am enjoying the first Saturday in a few months that I did not have to jump out of bed and rush out the door in order to get set up for the 9:00 starting time. 

Hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is here. The snows of winter are surely coming, but for now we will enjoy the beauty of nature as the Lord prepares to put it to sleep for awhile. God bless you all, and thank you for your encouragement and support.
Lois & Allan

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