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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   September  2017
No Shipping This Monday 
Because of the holiday we will not be shipping this Monday, September 4th, but will resume shipping on September 11th. 

Also wanted to mention that when shipping long distances or in very hot weather some of the meat in your box may be partially defrosted. USDA guidelines state: 

if food is still partly frozen, still has ice crystals, or is as cold as if it were in a refrigerator (40 °F), it is safe to refreeze or use. It's not necessary to cook raw foods before refreezing.
New Item! 

Introducing a new item into our lineup

This meat is unseasoned and packed
in perfectly sized 1 pound packages.

Great for stir fry too. 

Only $8.99 per pound!
The Straight Skinny On  Our Meat 
Just wanted to give you a quick review on what makes Grass
so special:

Beef - Our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished (never any grain). The animals are supplemented with hay in the winter, and they are never administered any hormones or antibiotics. The flavor of our meat is determined by what our animals eat - a highly diverse sward of native high mountain grasses and legumes, a virtual salad bar of a diet. No one component dominates, and as a result we have a wonderfully healthy yield of nutrients in the meat which translates into a delicious, rich flavor. While their breeding is primarily Red and/or Black Angus, there is also a great deal of Shorthorn influence.

The animals are between 24 and 30 months of age when harvested, unlike most commodity beef that is slaughtered at about 16 months. The fat of our beef does not begin to turn yellow until about 20 months of age, evidence that it is high in vitamins A and E, and rich in Omega 3's and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). And our animals are dry aged from 10 to 14 days, the old fashioned way, insuring even more flavor and tenderness.

Pork - Berkshire pork is a heritage breed that was discovered over 300 years ago in Berkshire County, UK. It is the most highly sought after pork in the world. Visibly different from commodity pork, it is darker in color and has an abundance of intramuscular marbling. Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness, and overall depth of flavor.

Our hogs are raised on soil (not concrete) - the natural way - and are fed sprouted non-GMO wheat, milo, and barley, hydrated peas,  as well as alfalfa and grass hay. They are never fed any corn or soy beans. They have indoor and outdoor access all day long, only closing the doors at night for warmth. And the sows are farrowed in the open - never in crates. They have never been given hormones or antibiotics.

Lamb - Our lamb is raised by our producing partner in the San Luis Valley. While the breeding is mixed, the resulting meat is superior in flavor and perfect in tenderness, proving that the San Luis Valley of Colorado produces some of the best lamb in the world. 

The animals are slaughtered at about a year old, and are never administered any hormones or antibiotics. While their diet is primarily native grasses, they are sometimes supplemented in the winter with famous San Luis Valley potatoes.

Chicken - Our chickens are raised by a producing partner in California. The birds are humanely raised and fed a healthy diet of organic, non-GMO grains, no animal by-products, and are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. There are no synthetic chemicals used, including fertilizers, pesticides, and food additives, and no irradiation. Their supplemental feed is comprised of 65% organic corn and 30% organic soy, with the balance being vitamins and minerals. 

The chickens have access to outdoor areas that include ample water and shade. Their natural behaviors are enriched with bales of straw (used for pecking) and eucalyptus tree branches (used for playing and hiding). They are processed in a USDA inspected facility.

All of this results in chicken that is rich in both color and flavor. The meat is high in vitamins A and E, as well as Omega 3's and CLA, as evidenced by the lovely yellow color of their skin.  
Garden Update 
Harvest time is SO much fun - and SO much work! But I love it. 

Spinach, kale, onions, squash, green beans, cucumbers, peppers, and broccoli. I picked everything in this picture the other morning, after canning tomatoes the day before.

And my chickens are finally laying eggs. Life is good. 
New - Summer Sausage, Beef Sticks & Jerky 

We decided to try using our beef and pork to produce summer sausage. I have been sampling it at Farmers Market and it is a HUGE hit. We have two sizes and two flavors:

Original Summer Sausage

Jalapeno Summer Sausage

Our pure Grass
Meats beef summer sticks are fantastic. Not at all greasy like so many we have tried. 6 to a pack makes them perfect for office snacks. lunches, or to put in a backpack. Great for hors d'oeuvres too. Add cheese and a beer for ultimate perfection!

Original Beef Sticks

Jalapeno Beef Sticks

Pepper Beef Jerky
Chile Pepper Jerky

Talk about a delicious and nutritious snack, try out our new 100% 
Meats beef jerkies




with any order of $200 or more

In Closing . . .   
I mentioned last month that our family was leaving the end of August to head to Bolivar Peninsula, off the coast of Galveston, to celebrate Allan's mom's 90th birthday. As you can imagine, that trip did not happen, and her house had a foot or more of water throughout the storm. Fortunately his sister took her to high ground before it all started, but returning home anytime soon will be very difficult. The devastation in Houston is beyond imagination. Rockport, Texas, that took the eye of the hurricane, is where Allan and I vacationed with his brother in April. Such a lovely place, and so much destruction. Having lost the family beach house in Hurricane Ike in 2008, we are pretty traumatized by all that has happened.

On a happier note, three more of our cows that we thought had not bred gave birth this month. That makes a total of 6 unexpected calves. Yeah! 6 less animals to slaughter, but 6 more calves for the program. It is all good.

Next month we will head to Oak Island, North Carolina, to meet up with 3 of my sisters and their husbands at my youngest sister's beach house. That is, unless the hurricanes head in. This is a crazy year for weather, but we are hoping for the best.

Hope you are having a good summer. It's been very nice here in Arboles, Colorado. God bless you, and God bless the folks of southern Texas and Louisiana.
Lois & Allan

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