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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter September 2020
Quarter Pigs
To make purchasing our pork a little more affordable, we are now offering quarter pigs. You will receive about 30 to 35 pounds of meat - Chops, Fresh Ham, Fresh Bacon, Roasts, Ribs, Hocks, Ground Pork, and Stew Meat. Smoked hams, cured bacon, and breakfast sausage are available for an additional charge per pound.
Price is $300.

Order your QUARTER PIG
Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken Availability
Our beef is going fast, so if you are thinking you might want to get in on a quarter, half, or whole, please don't wait too long. We only have 2 beeves left for our October 21st processing, and 5 for our January 15th processing. Late summer, early fall 2021 will be our next processing after that. And it looks like we will not be offering Cow Shares this year. Too much legalese to deal with, especially since we are hoping to be back on track with USDA processing next year.

We have lambs going in for processing in a few days. We still have a few available. Our next processing will be in early December, and we won't be processing more until spring of 2021. Lambs are available in halves or wholes.

Pigs are going in for processing the end of this month, and we only have 1 left for sale. The next, and last, processing will be in early December, and unfortunately that will be the last pigs we will get from this producer. We are very sad as this is the best pork we have ever had. Please don't wait too long to get your order in.

Our chicken stock is very good. When the Covid 19 panic started we stocked up on chicken, maybe a little too much, so we are running a sale on some items this month - while supplies last. We may have to pull this sale before the month ends. Last month we introduced bulk chicken breasts, as well as boneless thighs, in 10 pound bags. The price and quality are great, but the downside is that they are in a solid frozen bag and will need to be partially defrosted and repackaged for ease of use. I put a package in the refrigerator to defrost, and when it was loose enough to work with, I put the pieces in small zip lock bags, then put the smaller bags into a larger zip lock bag, which prevents freezer burn. Worked great! 
USDA Processing
So our local processor in Pagosa Springs is very seriously looking at becoming a USDA processor, which would allow us to go back to processing cuts and small packages again. We are praying that they are able to cut through all the red tape, and we would appreciate you lifting them up as well. If it is God's will this could be a real blessing for us, and for you. If that door closes we know that He still has us in the palm of His hand.
Garden Update
It is finally harvest time! Best time ever. All the hard work and care begins to pay off.
First time I have successfully grown bell peppers. Lots coming on.
Broccoli likes much cooler weather so expecting more production very soon.
The tomatoes are a jungle. Been picking and sharing lots.
Watermelons doing great.
Finally I am growing and harvesting green beans, always a challenge for me. This year is good.
Lots of acorn squash forming. Yahoo!
Got a few heads of cauliflower growing and more coming on.
Only one swiss chard plant, and that is more than enough. Need to find more ways to use it.

This beautiful pot of flowers is kind of my pride and joy, since I started them from seed that my dear friend, Eva Johnson, gave me.
Look what I found in our driveway last night, making him/herself at home - a small red fox. Just LOVE living in the country.
We were sitting on the porch one evening not long ago and watched an eagle and a fox fight over a dead prairie dog. It was the coolest thing. 
September Chicken Specials

Thighs $6.99/lb
regularly $7.49

Bone-in Breast $7.59/lb
regularly $8.19

Whole Chicken $4.99/lb
regularly $5.39

While supplies last!
In Closing . . .   
This has been a very challenging time for us, as I am sure it has been for you, too. I personally find it very disturbing to see everyone wearing masks everywhere I go, especially when there is serious doubt that they are effective in any way. But in the midst of all of the chaos we are reminded of God's faithfulness, of His attention to our every need, with night after night of beautiful sunsets. I believe it is His way of saying, "I've got this."  

May God bless you and your family, and may God bless America! In spite of all that is going on, it is still the best place on earth to be.
Lois & Allan

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