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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter  September  2019
Website Notes

Just added a new category to the website to make holiday shopping a little easier. We will be offering Free Range Organic Turkeys, all Natural Hams, Beef Standing Rib Roasts (aka Prime Rib Roast), and Rack of Lamb. 

A few months ago we did a redo of the website that shouldn't have changed anything, but in fact I recently discovered that a number of our cuts just disappeared. UGH! Since I don't place orders, (they showed up when I checked the admin part of the website) I had no idea you could not see them when ordering. Can't even remember what prompted me to see the problem, but hopefully I have reinstated all of the missing cuts. If there is something that you used to order that is no longer there, please let me know.
A Visit With Allan's Mom and Family
Allan's mom turns 92 on the 8th of this month, so once again we all gathered together to celebrate at the beach in Bolivar, Texas. We spent a week enjoying the ocean and all of the fun things that go along with it.
A view from the front deck of the beach house
Back Row: Our son Dusty, wife Clara, me, Allan, our daughter Lisa, husband Garrett, their son Kyler.
Front Row: Charlee, Bella, Mom, Teeg, Reece.
Allan on right, his brother Glenn on left, and Mom
Mom with some of the great grandkids
We ate VERY well. One night blackened fish and another a shrimp boil. Dumped it all in the middle of the counter and ate and ate and ate. So fun.
Had to carry her up and down the steps. This was probably the most emotion Mom showed all week!
Saying goodbye is always hard, especially when she is 92 and quite frail. It was a great visit, though, and God willing there will be another beach trip next year.

Sunrise at the Beach, Sunset on the Ranch
Such beauty in the world! While we loved the beach but there is just no place like home.

Harvest Begins
Although my apple harvest wasn't prolific, the apples were very tasty. Getting kale, tomatoes, squash of all kinds, cucumbers, and some broccoli.
The mystery fruit - I think this is some kind of tomatillo. Not at all spicy but actually kind of sweet.
I made some salsa and it is quite interesting. I have also used the fruits on salads. Pretty tasty!
Love this crazy heart shaped radish! And my garlic is wonderful - my first time ever to successfully grow garlic. 
Although not quite ready for harvest, my sweet potatoes (above), small watermelons (middle) and cantaloupe (right) are all doing well.

This is the first year I have gotten the flowers to grow well in this old, rusty pot - mostly zinnias and marigolds. This cluster of flower pots disguises the electric boxes pretty well.
This variety of squash grows 18 to 24 inches long. I gave one to my friend Tamura and she stuffed it with zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, purple cabbage, bok choy, and smoked mozzarella, then topped it with avocado and hemp seeds. She said it was delicious!

September Specials
Whole Beef - $2649
Save $450

Half Beef - $13 49
Save $200

Quarter Beef - $699
Save $100

Prices are NET - no other discounts apply!

In Closing . . .   
Is it really September already? I feel certain you are asking yourselves the same question. What a nice year it has been, though. Unexpectedly we are birthing a few late calves - not according to plan, but a blessing nonetheless. The cattle are doing very well and all seems right with the world. We thank God every day for our many blessings.

We appreciate all of you so much. Keep those orders coming! We need to clear space in the freezers for more animals that we are processing. It has been an exceptional harvest so far, with lots of satisfied customers.

Keep the faith!
Lois & Allan

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