In this issue:
  • Secrets to Using Grasses Beautifully in the Garden
  • Garden Design Trends for 2019 - The English Garden
  • Sharing Grasses for Green Roofs
  • How D.C. is Keeping Raw Sewage Out of Rock Creek
  • Sustainable Stormwater Using Bioretention
  • Grasses and Sedges in Georgia
  • Top Ten Grasses and a Bird's-eye View
  • Japanese Sweet Flag - Gardenista
  • Blue Beauties - Blue-toned foliage
  • 4 Reasons Why Liners in the Landscape Make Sense
  • Upcoming Events - National Collegiate Landscape Competition and more
Techniques and Trends
Secrets to Using Grasses Beautifully in the Garden

Acclaimed garden designer and author Noel Kingsbury thinks grasses are the best thing in the garden right now. At this time of year, when days are grey and dull, grasses can look really good. His post discusses the keys to using them well.

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Garden Design Trends for 2019 - The English Garden

The Society of Garden Designers held their annual awards last week. This article highlights some of 2019’s hottest trends in garden design from this year’s award-winning gardens. Mass-planted ornamental grasses made it onto the list, so take a peek!

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Green Infrastructure
Sharing Grasses for Green Roofs
Green roofs help manage stormwater, reduce energy consumption, provide wildlife habitat, and increase roof lifespan. Living Roofs, Inc. is a North Carolina-based company specializing in green roofs and living walls. They are ambassadors for the beauty and utility of these green infrastructure features. 

Co-founder Kathryn Ancaya and her team have been getting their grasses from us for years, and she generously shares photos of their projects with us. The image above is from a home in western North Carolina. It includes Sporobolus heterolepis, Deschampsia flexuosa, and Eragrostis spectabilis. You can see several more images on our Facebook post. To see more projects, check out the Living Roofs website.

Finally, click here to see a list from our website of grasses and sedges for green roofs.
How D.C. is Keeping Raw Sewage Out of Rock Creek

In Washington D.C., 50 million gallons of sewage mixed with stormwater discharge into Rock Creek each year. DC Water has just finished the first step in a plan to fix the problem, and plants are a big part of the solution.

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Sustainable Stormwater Using Bioretention

As (sub)urban growth continues, stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces carries pollutants into our water resources. Find out how bioretention uses plants, soils, and natural processes to reduce those effects.

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Connecting the Industry
Grasses and Sedges in Georgia
John Hoffman and Shannon Currey traveled to Athens, Georgia earlier this month to attend the University of Georgia's Landscape Architecture Short Course. Held annually, the short course brings landscape architects from across the Southeast in for presentations and tours.

Shannon presented at last year's short course, but this year we were exhibitors. It was a wonderful experience, with engaging conversations about projects and ways to utilize grasses and sedges. Attendees were interested in using sedges as ground covers and loved one of our newest grasses, Andropogon ternarius 'Black Mountain'. Talking with landscape architects gives us valuable feedback about plant performance. It also helps them see how nurseries are an important resource for making smart plant choices.

The trip also included a quick visit with Dr. Allan Armitage, He toured them around Athens, including Coach Dooley’s garden and his own garden. Dr. A has downsized his yard, so he's particularly interested in plants that perform well and pull their weight in the garden. He dug a few snazzy perennials and shared them with us. We'll be sending him a few for his garden. Thanks for being a great host, Dr. A!
Featured Grasses
Top Ten Grasses and a Bird's-eye View

Grass expert Dr. Mary Meyer previews her upcoming talk on "Top Ten Grasses" in this video for the Northern Green Conference. It includes a bird's eye view of the Minnesota grass collection. To see her full list, jump to the 1/19/19 post on her site.

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Japanese Sweet Flag | Gardenista

Japanese sweet flag grass is one of those plants with a proclivity for water that also resembles flowing water. This makes it much admired and appreciated by the Gardenista crowd. See more about this versatile, grasslike plant.

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Recent Blog Posts
Blue Beauties - Blue-toned foliage

Ah, blue. It's often described as peaceful, tranquil, and calm. Blue-toned foliage in the landscape adds interest and can wake up a garden. Here are a few options to add cool tones to your next project.

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Liners in the Landscape Make Sense

With our wide selection of grasses and sedges, landscape contractors often turn to us for plants that are hard to find in larger sizes. Getting the plant you need is crucial, but there are added benefits to using liners in the landscape...

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Upcoming Events
Students and faculty from Alamance Community College and University of Mount Olive joined us for a workday and to learn about the nursery. Other student groups will be visiting before the competition.
The National Collegiate Landscape Competition is an annual three-day competition and networking event for college-level horticulture students from across the country. As in years past, Hoffman Nursery will sponsor the annual & perennial identification competition. A team from the nursery will be there to coordinate the event.

In addition, we host workdays at the nursery to help local horticulture programs earn support to participate. They help with winter cleanup in our landscape, get a tour and connect with our team, and generally have a great time. We'll tell you more about the workdays and the competition in next month's newsletter.
Saturday, March 30, 2019
U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.
The 33rd iteration of this symposium takes cues from nature. Learn about grasses and sedges to control stormwater and about combining native plant in ways that reduce maintenance. Hear about current field research and newly discovered native species, visit an Arboretum restoration project, discover how pesky invasives can produce alluring art, or learn about plants toughing it out in some unexpected places.

Hoffman Nursery's Shannon Currey will present, "The New Workhorses of the Garden: Native Grasses and Sedges." Join her for this exciting event!
You can always see where we'll be on our Upcoming Events page.
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