CarPaPennsylvania Sedge in American Nurseryman
Carex Field Notes in American Nurseryman We were thrilled to have an article in the June issue of American Nurseryman Magazine. Our marketing director, Shannon Currey, wrote about the virtues of Carex pensylvanica for their Field Notes section. 

This is one of our favorite sedges, and the Field Notes mixes a bit of the personal and horticultural. Shannon tells about friends who have a tough site where they can't get grass to grow. Pennsylvania Sedge can be a great alternative to turf grass in shady conditions, so it was a natural fit for this situation.

Shannon also describes Carex pensylvanica's natural habitat, the qualities that set it apart, and what makes it an appealing native sedge for modern landscapes. Read the article.
PlantingEduPlanting an Education
Linda and Ted Bilderback
Linda & Ted Bilderback have established an endowment for the JC Raulston Arboretum Children's Program.
Dr. Ted Bilderback spent 37 years in horticulture at NC State University. During his tenure at NC State, Ted advised, mentored, and taught hundreds of students, volunteers, and green industry professionals. He retired recently, but his legacy will live on through a generous gift.
Ted and his wife, Linda, have established an endowment to support the Children's Program at the JC Raulston Arboretum. This program is a tangible way to foster the next generation of horticulturists, researchers, and plant enthusiasts. We are proud to support it. 
BluemelA Look at Bluemel Grasses
Penniestum alopecuroides 'Foxtrot'Since his passing, much has been written about Kurt Bluemel's life and work. He is responsible for some of the most popular grasses in the industry. His legacy is enduring, and we're happy to continue sharing it. 

Because we know him best through his grasses, we chose what we think is a fitting tribute. To read what others have written about him and see a sampling of his introductions, take this look at Bluemel grasses.
LIDLow Impact Development in the News
We keep an eye out for stories related to low impact development and green infrastructure. If you're not familiar with these concepts, you can learn more in this recent post. Three recent stories caught our attention:

Native grasses in stormwater channels Native Grasses in Texas
Using plants and natural systems to manage stormwater is a hallmark of green infrastructure. In Fort Worth, Texas, native grasses made stormwater channels look and function better. See the video.

Good Medicine in Rhode Island
Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island was stuck. They were planning major upgrades and additions to their medical campus. During the stormwater permitting process, they learned runoff from the completed projects would far exceed allowable limits. The solution? Using low impact development features.

This excellent article by Thomas Benjamin describes how Kent Hospital used innovative features to create a sustainable solution. Rain gardens, healing gardens, and staff gardens make this a beautiful and healthy place to be. Read more.

Demonstrating Savings in North Carolina
The North Carolina Coastal Federation has been actively promoting the use of low impact development. They believe these methods will allow the region to continue needed economic development while protecting the ecosystems that make people want to live and work along the coast in the first place.
With a recent study, the federation has demonstrated low impact development saves money or real estate on large commercial projects. In this case, they compared the cost of using a conventional system versus low impact development at a shopping center in New Bern, NC. Read about the study.
NewPlantsNew Plants
Deep reds and burgundies early in the season transition to bright reds and scarlet as cooler, fall temperatures approach.
Andropogon gerardii
'Red October' PPAF
Red October Big Bluestem

Quick Facts:
  • Warm season
  • Green with red tips; bright red fall color
  • 2-4 feet, 5-6 feet with flower
  • Sun, dry-average soil
  • Zones 3-9
  • North American native
Big Bluestem deserves more attention, and this cultivar will make everyone sit up and take notice. Deep red and burgundy highlights during the growing season first grab attention. The show explodes in fall with candy-apple red and scarlet foliage. The onset of frost brings out the color in this fabulous Big Bluestem introduced by Intrinsic Perennial Gardens.

Like the species, 'Red October' is tough, handling poor soil and dry conditions with ease. Use in meadow or naturalisitic plantings or use it to jazz up mixed plantings. It looks wonderful growing alongside and through broad-leaved perennials. It's time to bring Big Bluestem into your landscape.

For more information, go to our Plant Profile.

CommentsComments and Features
Preview our Catalog of Grasses Our New Catalog of Grasses is Here!
We're thrilled to announce our new catalog is fresh off the press and looking fabulous. Copies were mailed out late last week and should be in your mailbox soon. 

We gave you a preview last month, but here's a quick recap of the resources our catalog offers:

  • Quick Guides for finding site-specific plants
  • Detailed information on each plant and summaries of major genera
  • Miscanthus, Switchgrass, Fountain Grass, and Little Bluestem Quick Guides
  • Color-coded liner prices and size
  • More photos and expanded descriptions of new plants
Magan Agee and John Hoffman
Magan Agee and John Hoffman enjoyed visiting with folks at Cultivate'14
Update on Summer Shows
Our team just returned from the updated trade show and conference now known as Cultivate. John Hoffman and Magan Agee are Hoffman Nursery booth pros. They were joined on Sunday and Monday by Nursery Manager, Scott Epps, and Production Manager, Ryan Lambert.

The show turned out to be a great success, and our team had a wonderful time seeing everyone. Among others, Steve Foltz and Scott Beuerlein from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden stopped by, as did Richard Olsen, Acting Director of the U.S. National Arboretum. John and the team saw lots of other folks and had many engaging conversations. Visitors to our booth loved the new catalog and our newest grasses.

SNA We look foward to seeing more friends and colleagues next week at the Southern Nursery Association (SNA) show in Atlanta. John and Jill Hoffman will be there for the Southern Plant Conference and the SNA Marketplace. You can find them in booth 605, so stop by to chat and pick up your copy of our new catalog.

Congrats to Dr. Richard Olsen Close on the heels of SNA, John and Jill will be on the road to the Perennial Plant Association's Annual Symposium. Held in Cincinnati, Ohio, it offers tours, lectures, and a lot of networking. If you don't have your new Hoffman Nursery catalog yet, grab one from the catalog table.

July4th party catered by Backyard Bistro
Jamie from Backyard Bistro serves up tasty cherry cobbler
Partying Independently
We always love a reason to celebrate, and Independence Day offers the perfect summer opportunity. Just before leaving for the holiday, Hoffman Nursery treated the team to a tasty lunch catered by Backyard Bistro. As always, we love the food and the chance to spend time with coworkers. For a quick look at the party, check out our Facebook post.

JobOpeningInterested in Joining Our Team?
Read more about job opening Hoffman Nursery, Inc. is a special place to work. A family-owned company, we offer rewarding career opportunities in an appealing atmosphere. 
We are looking for an individual to join our company as a Section Grower and to be an active member of our team. 
For more information, go to our Careers page. Click on the Section Grower link under Current Openings. To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to with Section Grower in the subject line. 
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