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Borrow These Ideas from Piet Oudolf
If you know grasses, you'll know designer Piet Oudolf. The Gardenista blog pulled ten ideas from Oudolf's writings that can be applied to the home garden.  Grasses are integral to his designs, and they're featured prominently in this post. 

You won't want to miss this lush look at Oudolf's techniques in Gardenista's post.

Piet Oudolf_s garden
Piet Oudolf's garden in Hummelo, Netherlands.

An Abundance of Sedges
Checking labels on sedges
Propagation coordinator Jessica Smith and Derick Poindexter from UNC-Chapel Hill checked labels on the new collection of Carex Derick brought to the nursery.
Sedges in the genus Carex can be found throughout North America, from mountain balds to wet meadows. There's a sedge for almost any niche you can imagine. As people seek out more sustainable and functional landscapes, sedges make a lot of sense. 

Last fall we put in new garden where we will be trying out a range of native sedges. As part of our sedge exploration, we've consulted a number of nationally recognized experts. That has led us to Derick Poindexter. He's a local graduate student doing fascinating work with sedges. 

We have partnered with Derick to house a large portion of his collected Carex specimens in our sedge garden. With more than 40 different Carex species to be added, we'll have one of the largest collections in the Southeast.

Digging Deeper
Roots "If you've ever driven past wild prairie grasses swaying in the Kansas should know that those visible grasses are just the tip of the iceberg."

So starts a fascinating look below the surface at the world of roots. A recent National Geographic post highlights the work of agroecologist Dr. Jerry Glover and photographer Jim Richardson.

Glover developed a method that allows the entire plant, roots and all, to be harvested intact. Richardson captured the complexity and beauty of what was happening below the surface.

Roots store carbon, nourish and stabilize soil, increase bioproductivity, and prevent erosion. With extensive, fibrous root systems, grasses are big contributors to sustainable landscapes.

See Richardson's compelling photos and dig deeper in this National Geographic post.
Grasses on the Road: Upcoming Events

If you're attending, you'll want to catch Marketing Director Shannon Currey's presentation:

Monday, Jan. 11, 1:30-2:30 pm

Green infrastructure creates many benefits for the environment, wildlife, and wellbeing. Learn about the uses of green infrastructure and how these projects point the way towards broader industry trends. It's more than eye candy. Grasses and sedges come out on top and you'll learn why.

If you're there on the education session days, check out new grasses with Scott Epps, our Nursery Manager. He'll bring interesting selections to the New Plant Introduction session on Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 1pm.
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