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  • Sedges Make Sense: Our Carex comparison chart makes choosing easy
  • Sedges are the Hottest Perennials in the Landscape
  • Grassland Restoration Has Benefits Beyond Plant Biodiversity
  • Updates on Green Infrastructure: Atlanta's GI Strategy and Greener Streets
  • The Buzz on Cultivate'17
  • Upcoming Events
Our Sedges Make Sense series continues with a tool for making smart sedge choices. In this series, you’ve learned about sedges for  lawn alternativescontainersmeadow and prairie plantings, and  rain gardens. Now we open up the series to all the sedges we grow.

Our new Carex Comparison Chart outlines habit, spreading tendency, foliage texture, and other key characteristics like height and hardiness zone. This side-by-side comparison will help you choose the sedges that best fit your project or growing program.
You'll also find the chart in our printed catalog, starting on p.34. If you're interested in learning more about sedges, try the Carex page on our website. 
Sedges are the Hottest Perennials in the Landscape

According to the Washington Post, sedges play key roles in the landscape. Hoffman Nursery talked with columnist Adrian Higgins about the popularity of sedges and their ability to bring a planting together.

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Grassland Restoration Has Benefits Beyond Plant Biodiversity

Scientists from Northern Illinois University found evidence that the soil microbiome in the Nachusa Grasslands is recovering rapidly from years of agricultural use. The study confirms the power of carefully managed tallgrass prairie restoration.

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Updates on Green Infrastructure
Atlanta's Green Infrastructure Strategy Exceeds Expectations
Many cities have difficulty meeting the minimum regulatory requirements for managing stormwater. The city of Atlanta is using green infrastructure to exceed those requirements while stimulating social and economic improvements. An extensive stormwater management ordinance adopted in 2013 has helped them succeed.

Find out how Atlanta is making green infrastructure work. The article starts on p. 10.
Greener City Streets Aren't Just About Traffic

Streets cover about a third of the land in cities and account for half of the impervious surfaces. Because they don't allow water to soak through, they increase stormwater runoff. Green infrastructure can make streets part of the solution.

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This year's Cultivate was buzzing with excitement. The show was bigger, and there was a lot more to see and do. Emily Neas, our Plant Health Specialist, was selected this year for GPN's 40 Under 40. We had fun celebrating with her and the other honorees at a gala reception.

The buzz at the show included talks by our Marketing Director Shannon Currey. She spoke about green infrastructure and got positive feedback from growers. Several were interested in learning more about this emerging market. Sedges were a hot topic, too, playing a part in two of Shannon's talks and as the theme of our booth and new catalog. People were excited to hear about sedges and the possibilities for using them in the landscape.
Share a little piece of the fun with us in our photos from Cultivate'17.
Upcoming Events
Perennial Plant Symposium
It's happening now! This year's Perennial Plant symposium is in Denver, and that will give many of us a whole new plant palette to admire.

We'll see you there! Get the full schedule at the symposium homepage.

Find out about more events this fall on our Upcoming Events page.
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