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It's Catalog Time
Grasses take center stage with our expanded 2015-2016 Catalog. The new edition will be ready for prime time and mailed at the end of June.

HNI 2015-2016 Catalog of GrassesIt's packed full, with more pages, bigger photos, and new sections. What will you see?
  • Introduction to Green Infrastructure. This new section covers the most common green infrastructure projects that use plants in their design. Includes grasses, sedges, and rushes that perform well in project conditions.
  • Quick Guides help you decide which grasses will work for your site, location, and design.
  • Cultivar Quick Guides help you sort out the  different cultivars. Our guides cover the most popular genera.
  • Plant Descriptions give you  the scoop on every plant we grow, with larger photos, descriptions, and quick facts for easy comparison.
  • New Plants for 2015-2016. New selections from the EverColor® series of sedges. A couple of native cultivars add something special to the lineup. And two familiar genera get a pick-up from new selections.
We know it's hard to wait, so get a quick preview of what's in store in this catalog post.

Preview HNI catalog

The Heat is On
With projected temperatures into the high 90s (°F), we have suspended shipping for the week  of June 15, 2015.

We choose the timing for your shipment that best ensures our grasses arrive fresh and healthy. When temperatures are this extreme, i t becomes difficult to protect the liners from heat and damage. 

Our team keeps an eye on the weather and will ship plants as close to your scheduled ship-week as possible. The sales team will contact you about the schedule and let you know about any changes.  We ask your patience when the weather isn't cooperative. 

So grab a cool drink, seek out shade, and let us take care of your grasses.
Upcoming Presentations at Cultivate'15GIpresentations
Perennials & Grasses for Green Infrastructure
Monday, July 13, 2015
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Putting Green into Green Infrastructure
Debbie Hamrick, North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Woody Plants for Managing Stormwater Green Infrastructure
Emily McCoy, Andropogon Associates
Nina Bassuk, Cornell University

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Perennials & Grasses for Green Infrastructure
Claudia West, North Creek Nurseries
Shannon Currey, Hoffman Nursery, Inc.

Three educational sessions at Cultivate'15 in Columbus, Ohio, will focus on green infrastructure (GI) and the green industry. These sessions will help you understand what GI is all about, how to position yourself for the opportunities it offers, and the plant palettes that are appropriate for GI projects.  

Hoffman Nursery's Shannon Currey will discuss opportunities for perennial growers, what kinds of grasses and sedges to grow, and make suggestions for next steps. For the complete picture, attend all three educational sessions.
The Chain of Demand
When the market emerges, and when the products the market needs for sustainable landscaping are ready, the landscape architecture profession should be ready to go...knowing the plants better, and working more closely with growers. 
-Carol E. Becker, Landscape Designer

A recent article from Landscape Architecture Magazine nails it. Carol Becker addresses the difficulties landscape designers and professionals face in sourcing plants for sustainable landscapes. Consumers are becoming more interested in sustainable plantings, so the demand will increase for native plants and those adapted to local conditions. At the moment, growers have fewer incentives to grow for this  market because it is relatively small compared to that for traditional ornamental plants.  

The author describes several growers who are thinking ahead and addressing the demand now. She encourages greater communication between designers and growers. And she urges design colleagues to be ready when the supply is there. 

It's  an important article for growers. Check out the full story .

Hoffman Nursery is getting ready for this emerging market and working to get our customers ready. Native species and their cultivars make up half o ur current plant offerings, and we've more than doubled the number of native sedges we grow. O ur expanded catalog includes information on plants for eco-friendly landscapes and green infrastructure projects. And we're working closely with regional designers and contractors to increase communication about upcoming projects and their plant needs.

If you're attending Cultivate'15 in Columbus, Ohio in July, you can find out more about this emerging market in  upcoming presentations at Cultivate'15.
Worldwide Family Tree of Grasses
Worldwide Family Tree of Grasses For those of you who pay attention to such things, grass taxonomy just got a big boost. The last full account of the grass family ( Poaceae ) came before molecular DNA studies were widely used to help classify grasses. Now, these studies have helped clarify the relationships among the genera.

The publication of the worldwide classification includes a graphic, called a radial tree. It classifies Poaceae into 12 subfamilies, 51 tribes, and 80 subtribes. The radial tree is color-coded to show where the groupings are found geographically and uses triangles to show their numbers relative to each other.

While most of us won't be reading through the entire paper or studying the radial tree in great detail, it's a cool look into the taxonomic world. Read the abstract and get a closer look at the radial tree here.
Understanding Green Infrastructure
Credit: US EPA
It's not always easy to grasp what this stormwater stuff is all about. We came across an article recently that does a marvelous job of explaining the big picture.

It outlines the issues, how we used to deal with stormwater, why that isn't working any more, and how we can move forward with green infrastructure. C oncise and understandable, it puts it all in perspective. It's worth the read!

Summer Shows
Cultivate'15 - July 12-14, 2015

Columbus, Ohio hosts this invigorating summer show. It's the big event, with a wide range of educational sessions and three days to connect exhibitors and attendees. See our latest and best in Booth 2522. 


And don't miss Shannon Currey's talk on grasses and sedges for green infrastructure (see story above).

Southern Nursery Association Marketplace - July 22-23, 2015


This event in Atlanta, Georgia is packed with plants talks, a research conference, and more. The trade show runs Wednesday and Thursday, so come see us at Booth 605.

Perennial Plant Symposium - July 27-August 1, 2015

PPA 2015

Come to Baltimore, Maryland to see beautiful gardens, talk with fascinating people, and get the latest news on perennial plants. What more could you ask? Join us in Booth 309 on Tuesday and Thursday during the trade show portion of the symposium.

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