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Water and Green Infrastructure
New Green Infrastructure Guides
Green infrastructure Two major organizations recently released guides to green infrastructure (GI). The presence of these guides suggests GI is likely to become the standard for future development. According to The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA),

Researchers are amassing a body of evidence to prove that green infrastructure works: these systems are shown to be more cost-effective than outmoded models of grey infrastructure, and also provide far more benefits for both people and the environment.

ASLA Guide to Green Infrastructure - a web-based guide that offers hundreds of links to research papers, case studies, and news articles. For an overview, read the press release.

Green Infrastructure Guide for Water Management - this guide, released by the UN and other international agencies, focuses on the benefits of GI solutions for water resources management.

Both guides are helpful in understanding the big picture as well as specific techniques. 
Following the Water at HNI New water flow
As you know from previous newsletter editions, we're striving for better and cleaner in our water management program. Josh Quinlan, our Facilities and Water Management Coordinator, told us about one of the recent changes. 

Water that fell on our impervious, gravel parking area in front of the shipping building used to flow quickly into an irrigation pond. A smarter, greener way to handle the water would be to slow it down and treat it before it reaches the pond. To do that, Josh and our team regraded the area and redirected the water.

Follow the water's new path in our recent post.

A Stock Story
We grow good grass!
We grow good grass!™

Better Stock Plants = Better Liners.

That principle guides our production. We start with high-quality stock to create healthy, consistent, well-rooted liners.

Back in August, we followed stock plants of Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' on their way to becoming liners.

Take a look at their journey in this post.
New Plants
Juncus effusus 'Big Twister'
Giant Corkscrew Rush

This rush is pure fun. Curls, spirals, and twists reach in all directions, giving it a dramatic presence. It's a perfect plant for containers and display gardens.

Pair it with other water-loving selections near a pond or other water feature. It thrives in wet areas but will do well in moist garden soil.

Quick Facts:
  • Green, twisty foliage
  • Full sun, wet (up to 4" of water)
  • Zones 4-9
  • Outstanding container plant

For more information, see our plant profile.

Comments & Features
Native Plant Symposium
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden hosts a native plant symposium this Saturday, Oct. 25. If you can make it, the symposium is a fantastic event. 

Hoffman Nursery President, John Hoffman, will be speaking on native grasses. Many North American grasses offer great functional and aesthetic appeal. New selections offer a range of choices in size, habit, and color. For a list of grasses John will cover in his talk, see his handout
Grasses in the News
Which grass will grow and thrive in wet sites? According to Dr. Mary Meyer--quite a few! Her article in American Nurseryman lists a few of her favorites, additional species, and she comments on growth and management. Read her article.

In a recent edition of Greenhouse Grower, our Nursery Manager, Scott Epps, contributed his thoughts on lean flow techniques. According to Scott, "lean flow can make a business stronger and better equipped to handle future challenges." Hear more from Scott and our friends at North Creek Nurseries about lean flow in the article.
Sharing Grass Photos
We always enjoy hearing from Dale Batchelor. She owns Gardener by Nature, a local landscape design and consulting firm in North Carolina. Her focus is on creating landscapes using native plants and sustainable gardening techniques.

We recently had an email from Dale about sedges she got from us last year:

We've been battling erosion around these stone steps. Last September we planted a 32-tray of Carex plantaginea plugs. This is what the steps looked like in August. I want to thank everyone at Hoffman for another great solution!


Carex plantaginea

We know there are more projects and more grasses out there, and we love seeing them. If you send photos our way, we'll do our best to share them. It's great seeing how others are using grasses and sedges in the landscape. A big thanks to Dale for taking the time to share her photos with us.
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