In this issue:
  • Weather Take Two: Hurricane Michael
  • Three Questions with John Hoffman
  • Grass College: Growing & Managing Native Grasses
  • Gardenista on Little Bluestem
  • Gardenista on Switchgrass
  • Hamptons Haven - Garden Design
  • Landscape Architecture (and Plants) Help Reduce Urban Heat
  • Make Your Home Greener and More Resilient
  • Farewell to New Terrain
  • Upcoming Events
Nursery News
Weather Take Two: Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael threatened our area just a few weeks after Hurricane Florence. Michael closed us for a day and a half. We lost power and internet and had minor damage to a few houses. Fallen trees took down power lines and cables across our region. However, we fared well given the damage this storm did elsewhere.

Our thoughts are with the folks on the Gulf Coast and other parts of the Southeast where Hurricane Michael did its worst. We'll be looking for ways to help. Read more about Hurricane Michael's effects in Greenhouse Management.
Three Questions with John Hoffman
Greenhouse Management features notable people in the industry with their "Three Questions" column. In October, they talked with John Hoffman about his busy summer and how his travels inform nursery decisions.
Best Practices for Native Grasses
Grass College: Growing & Managing Native Grasses

The Center for Native Grasslands Management offers a convenient way to learn about the latest, science-based management practices for native grass forage. Although the focus is on forage, the fundamentals apply to a range of situations.

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Designing with Grasses
Gardenista on Little Bluestem

From the super-stylish Gardenista comes a profile of a favorite native grass. Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) needs little care, is remarkably unfussy about soil and moisture, and puts on a colorful show each and every season of the year.

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Gardenista on Switchgrass

One of the most valuable traits of Panicum virgatum as a garden plant is its nearly year-round interest. Combined with sturdy resilience across a range of conditions, it's a natural for today's beautiful landscapes that do good work.

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Hamptons Haven - Garden Design

Championing sustainable swaths of grasses and perennials, the celebrated firm Oehme, van Sweden brings sophistication to naturalized plantings. This project in the Hamptons aims for less lawn, four seasons of interest, and environmental sensitivity.

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The Power of Plants
Landscape Architecture (and Plants) Help Reduce Urban Heat

Temperatures in urban areas can be 10 degrees (F) higher than the surrounding countryside. Land8, a landscape architecture site, details how this effect can be mitigated by landscape features, most of which employ plants.

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Make your Home Greener and More Resilient

A recent article in Popular Science explains how homeowners can use green infrastructure to protect their homes and neighborhoods. Rain gardens and other measures that use plants and soils are becoming increasingly accessible.

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Farewell to New Terrain
For more than three years, the New Terrain newsletter has brought us cutting-edge news and fascinating stories about functional landscapes and functional plants. Written by industry veteran Debbie Hamrick, the newsletter has been a valuable resource for learning about green infrastructure and other important trends. It provided a user-friendly link between our industry and the many fields related to functional landscapes.

The time spent on the biweekly newsletter got to be too much, so Hamrick is ceasing publication. But we're happy to hear she'll continue her efforts in other ways. A big thank you to her for bringing us thoughtful and meaningful content.

In the last issue, Hamrick shared her thinking on the future of green infrastructure. It's worth reading--she's incredibly well-informed. We'd suggest keeping an eye on the New Terrain website. Hamrick's not certain of its future, but it's a fantastic resource. Check it out here.
Upcoming Events
Hoffman Nursery Holiday Schedule
Closed Nov. 22-23, 2018

Christmas & New Year's
Closed Dec. 24, 2018 thru Jan. 2, 2019
January 7-8, 2019
Baltimore, MD
Held the two days prior to MANTS, this conference is a great way to start 2019. See dynamic plant talks and cutting-edge research presentations while networking with the region's best industry professionals. Hope to see you there! 
January 14-18, 2019
Baltimore, MD
One of the best, the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show is three days of constant activity. Join us in Baltimore for a look at what's happening with grasses and our industry. Find us in Booths 412 & 414.
January 14-18, 2019
Greensboro, NC
Educational offerings start early in the week, with the trade show on the last two days. Come by and see us in Booths 533 & 535 on Thursday and Friday.
January 16-18, 2019
Kansas City, MO
The Western beings together the Midwest's nursery and landscape industry for three days of innovative education, exhibits, and meet-ups. Hoffman Nursery's Shannon Currey will give a Plants with Purpose™ Keynote called "Stay Relevant with the Power of Plants." She'll discuss ways our industry can better promote the power of plants. Taking a broad approach that includes purpose and functionality (in addition to beauty) can keep the horticulture industry vital and relevant.
You can always see where we'll be on our Upcoming Events page.
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