In this issue:
  • After Hurricane Florence
  • Hoffmans Honored by Perennial Plant Association
  • Splendid Garden Combinations
  • Pink Grasses: 11 Ideas for Muhlenbergia
  • Native Grasses as Pollinator Food
  • Green Infrastructure Can Help Make Floods Less Costly
  • Featured Plant: Prairie Dropseed on the High Line
  • Upcoming Events
Nursery News
After Hurricane Florence
Thank you for your calls, emails, and posts expressing concern for us during Hurricane Florence. While the nursery was affected, we did not sustain any significant damage. We count ourselves very fortunate.

For thousands of people in our region, getting back on their feet will be a long and difficult process. To discover ways you can help, go to the North Carolina Disaster Assistance website.
Hoffmans Honored by Perennial Plant Association

The Hoffman family received accolades this summer for their contributions to the perennial plant industry. The Perennial Plant Association (PPA) announced its 2018 Special Awards at the 36th annual Perennial Plant Symposium.

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Designing with Grasses
Splendid Garden Combinations

Ornamental grasses make splendid planting partners. Whether using as a focal point, to accent other perennials, or in a mixed border, grasses make garden combinations sing.

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Pink Grasses: 11 Ideas for Muhlenbergia

Gardenista says it's no secret among clothing designers that a soft shade of pink will flatter most complexions. The same rule is true in a landscape, where a hazy swath of pink will make surrounding shades of green look that much better.

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The Power of Plants
Native Grasses as Pollinator Food

Dr. Mary Meyer and colleagues at the University of Minnesota are spreading the word about the superpowers of native grasses. Their website includes excellent publications, including several on grasses as pollinator food. Feed those caterpillars!

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Green Infrastructure Can Help Make Floods Less Costly

Recent, devastating hurricanes show that flood events are likely to affect the US with increasing severity. Green infrastructure measures, like rain gardens and storm water wetlands, can make floods less costly in terms of lives lost and resources.

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In the Spotlight
Featured Plant: Prairie Dropseed | The High Line

The High Line has become an iconic spot for visitors to New York City. One of our favorite grasses, Prairie Dropseed, is featured on the High Line blog. Prized for its foliage and flower, this beauty is a best seller.

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Upcoming Events
You can catch some of the Hoffman Nursery crew at these IPPS regional conferences. They're premiere events for plant producers. With a mix of tours, presentations, and poster sessions, we're all sure to learn something new.
September 23-26, 2018 (Newark, DE)
October 20-24, 2018 (Chattanooga, TN)
You can always see where we'll be on our Upcoming Events page.
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