Message from the President & CEO
It took me a long time to decide what to write for this month’s “welcome”.

I thought I could write an incredibly impactful message about leadership. I could focus on the type of leader we need right now; the type of leader we should all aspire to; the characteristics required to lead through a crisis. But I am too sad and too grateful right now.

I am heartbroken for all the people who have lost loved ones because of COVID-19 yet grateful for my own family’s health and well-being.

I am sad Easter Sunday came and went without our usual crowd for dinner yet I am grateful that I have a “usual crowd” who will come next year.

I am sad for all the people who are lonely in this world yet grateful that I am not.   

I am sad I can’t physically be with my granddaughter yet grateful we have tools like FaceTime, What’s App and others. (Even though she ends my call abruptly when her friends are calling in).

I am sad I can’t visit my friend who has cancer yet grateful her MRI showed the tumour is shrinking.

I am sad I can’t help my neighbour with her grandchildren yet grateful the fire they experienced last week was limited to their garage.  

I am grateful my two millennial kids have not moved out of the house, they are great company.

I am grateful for a husband who shops, cooks and cleans.
I am grateful for my MCE team including our trainers and thank them for their commitment to our customers.

I am grateful for our wonderful, understanding customers and course participants and look forward to the day we can meet face to face again. 

I am grateful for the strength and calm of my leaders.

I am sad yet grateful for so much more.

It is ok to be sad; it is healing to be grateful. 

Please take care and reach out to let us know how you are doing. 

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO

PS. Please scroll down to the Announcement from Dianne Jones. Like Dianne, it is with mixed emotions that we at MCE say good-bye to Dianne. While we are happy for her and her husband Warren, we are sad to see her leave our team. Dianne has been a huge asset to MCE in the time she has been with us. Wonderful with customers, supportive of the team and leadership. I couldn’t have asked for more. Miss you already Di! 
MCE Facilitator, Catherine McCullough , has been busy working on message about preserving Emotional Intelligence while building Resiliency during challenging times.

The impact of COVID-19 has compelled organizations and leaders around the world to remain resilient during this time of crisis, constant change and uncertainty. In an effort to be pro-active, this video will look at the evidence of what we know about the importance of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Resilience.

Please watch and share the video with friends and colleagues HERE .
MCE has been keeping busy during the quarantine working remotely from home.

We keep in touch regularly via Zoom calls each week, keeping a healthy balance of discussion on work as well as the health of the team.

Our team is currently working on enhancements to our popular FRL program. We're working towards a series of webinars that will keep you engaged in your leadership journey. Our Project Management team continues to evolve the Business Development Process to better serve our clients now and in the future.

Stay safe, everyone.
Retirement! A Message from Dianne Jones
It is with mixed feelings that I announce my retirement from MCE, effective May 1, 2020.

I joined MCE in October 2012 immediately following my retirement from my 35-year career with Bell Canada. For those of you who have worked with me, you know that I loved partnering with my clients to create training programs that met your needs. But more importantly, I enjoyed getting to know you and your organizations.

It’s the relationships I built with my clients, the facilitators and the other MCE team members that enabled me to be successful in my career with MCE. Those close to me know that I'm a hugger, which is why the current self-distancing strategy is so difficult for me!

Erin Volk will assume responsibility for the majority of my clients and is excited for the opportunity to work with you all.

I am looking forward to enjoying my home in Muskoka, learning to golf, and (hopefully) travelling and spending more time with my friends and family, including my 3 grandchildren.
Course of the Month: eLearn Modules
MCE understands that some employees are working from home to flatten the curve, while others are bravely serving communities on the front line. Coupled with working through a long-term quarantine, finding new ways to adapt and building emotional intelligence can be challenging. Recognizing or reminding yourself of your leadership qualities is a great way to stay sharp, be resolute, and lift others.

The MCE eLearn modules from our FRL1 program have been made accessible by all for no cost. We understand that this is a busy time for many employees, but please share with anyone you think will benefit from these modules.
Reach out to the MCE team at any time for comment or assistance with these modules.
For more information about our programs, contact:
Lorraine MacDonald
Mohawk College Enterprise | 905-575-2534 | |