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The Grateful Times
Issue #XIII
4th Annual Community Church
Grateful Dead Service This Sunday
* * * * *
The Rev. Zachary Hancock will preach at our 4th Annual Grateful Dead Service this Sunday @ 10:00 am - the service will arrive in your inbox @ 10:00 am, or you can go to the church website for the link.
Ken Hall will again be leading the "Virtually Grateful Band" made up of Thanks to the musicians who made the music for the 4th Annual Grateful Dead service: Nic Barnum - vocal and rhythm guitar, Kathleen Doetsch - vocal, Tyler Mattson - rhythm & lead guitar, Andrew Festin - rhythm & lead guitar, Elliott Delman, rhythm & lead guitar, Terry Moran - lead guitar,Kurt Yost - sax, Ken Hall - acoustic piano, organ and synth, Jim Seidel - acoustic & electric bass, Jeff Lackie - drums and Danny McMurray - percussion and harmonica.
And, many thanks to those who produced the Dead service for WOTS: Co-produced by Ken Hall and Nic Barnum, video editing by Ken Hall, extra audio recording and mixing by Danny McMurray at DiAmeter Music, Ken Hall who brought extra extra to everything about this service, mixing consultation by Nic Barnum, and of course Elliott Delman who filled in any gaps that needed filling and trimmed any final edges that needed trimming. 
Finally, as you listen to the service keep in mind that musicians in the "Virtually Grateful Band" come from as far away as Nevada!
Worship on the Beach Services on Hold Through June
* * * * *
The Community Church will be unable to hold Worship on the Beach services - unfortunately until further notice. There are a number of issues that impede our ability to gather at our summer worship home. Chief among them are:
• the State of Illinois mandating that there be no gatherings of more than 10 until we are in Phase 4 - and we are only entering Phase 3 today (Friday);
• if we were to suddenly enter Phase 4 we would still be limited to 50 people or less;
• the Lake Bluff Park District is limiting the number of people who can utilize the beach, with the current number being 100. Not only do we not want to potentially turn away people, we do not want to "hog" the beach by getting down there earlier than others - and not allowing neighbors and friends and LB taxpayers to access the beach because "that (&*#^%* church is down there!" It is imperative that we always be good citizens and neighbors.
A drone shot taken during our picnic on the beach just a little over a year ago. The Lake Michigan water level is at an all-time high and 6" over what it was last May. Note the beach, which in this years picture is all under water.
May 28, 2020 shot of South Shelter
Additionally, as the picture indicates, Lake Michigan water levels are at all-time highs - currently 6" over last year's high levels. There quite literally is no room at present for us to implement our plan to have people sit socially-distanced on the beach with the minister and music in the pavilion. Fortunately, we did reserve the north shelter throughout the summer on Sunday mornings - which does have more space available for on-the-beach seating. So, when it works with the state and the Park District, we will have a beach option.
The bottom line? For the month of June we are going to focus on having dynamic services online each week - and make certain that we are ready to head to the beach at the earliest opportunity available.
Oh yes, one final thought. We have considered "everything under the sun" to date as to how we can worship together. Other venues. Drive in style worship. The College - indoors and outdoors. Parks. Having multiple services with 50 or less when it gets to Phase 4. You name it, we've considered it. If there is anything the Community Church is good at, it is coming up with good and creative ideas.
Having offered that - and it is rare for me to say this - there comes a time where the wise thing is to take a step back and pay attention to what the world / creation / life / Spirit might be telling us . Right now, I believe the message is to "be patient." So, that is what we are doing. Fear not! Our time for gathering as an enthusiastic, loving, diverse community will return. As for now, remember...
"There is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven."
Save the Date!!! Farewell Parade for
Zach, Lydia, Henry, Frances & Bela
Drive by & offer your best wishes!
219 Prospect Ave, Lake Bluff
Saturday, 6/27 from 1 pm - 2 pm
(sorry the picture is pre-Frances 3 yrs ago!)
Dr. Matt Dewar - Double Update
First, Matt has an extraordinary opportunity to work with the amazing culture at St. Jude Hospital. To everyone's benefit, his program "Use Your Breathing to Transform Stress Into Strength" will be available nationwide via the internet. If you'd like to hear Matt's program - and he is currently finishing a book for young people on this very topic - click HERE. Remember, 12 noon on June 6.
Second, Matt's "Weekly Wellness" will be up and running on Mondays, June 1 and June 15 @ 7:00 pm. The ZOOM program is free and open to all, though we do ask that you register in advance. To register and get the link for the class, please email Pam Campbell HERE. Congrats to Matt on the St. Jude event!
Community Church Zoom!

Bi-weekly Wellness with Matt Dewar 
7:00 pm. 
Next two sessions: June 1 and June 15
(the Wellness Zoom with Matt is limited to 10 folks. (Please contact Pam Campbell reserve a spot)

Meditation 5:45 pm Ann Barbour & Venu Tummalapalli
Zoom app Meeting ID 830 6159 3592

Book Group: A Return to Love  7:00 pm Darrell Bloom

Meditation 9:00 am Zach Hancock  Community Contemplation

Book Group: A Return to Love  9:00 am Darrell Bloom
Virtual Bohemian School of Uke  5:30 pm. Elliott Delman
(skipping one week, resuming June 4)
Meditation 9:00 am Dave Andersen  Community Contemplation

Meditation 9:00 am Zach Hancock  Community Contemplation

• if you use the Zoom app for Community Contemplation,
Meeting ID:927-7895-1159 and the Password: hippo
​• if you use the Zoom app for Tuesday evening A Return to Love,  the Meeting ID is  996 069 420
• if you use the Zoom app for Thursday morning A Return to Love, the Meeting ID is 830 6159 3592
• if you use the Zoom app for the Virtual Bohemian School of Uke, the Meeting ID is 771 5775 2833
• if you use the Zoom app for Bi-weekly Wellness with Matt Dewar, the Meeting ID is 957 5163 9334

If you need a link, click HERE - it will take you to our website where there is a link for each program except for Matt Dewar's Weekly Wellness. Click HERE - Pam's email - to participate
in that program. ​If you have questions email Elliott