Volume 09| November 2022

Hello and Welcome! We're so glad you are here and hope that you find these newsletters to be informative and will reach out to us with any ideas/feedback.

If you are new to Families Helping Families, check out our explainer video below for deets on the organization.

Share this newsletter freely. It takes a village to raise a child and we hope that together, we can make it a bit easier!

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Upcoming FHF Meetings:

Recurring Zoom Link

Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 2-3 pm

Monday, February 20, 2023: 2-3 pm 

Friday, March 17, 2023: 2-3 pm

Friday, April 28, 2023: 2-3 pm

FHF recognizes that acknowledging and showing appreciation for our volunteers in a meaningful way for all of their efforts, is important. We want our volunteers and village to feel appreciated and important because they truly ARE! We want to ensure that you continue to feel connected to FHF and have a positive space to do your great and timely work. This month, we would like to recognize our friend, Carrie for just that!

Carrie Armstrong is an absolutely amazing new volunteer in a previously unrepresented FHF neighborhood. Carrie's contributions include posting on local buy nothing Facebook pages for help request items (i.e. bunk beds) as they are received. It is extremely helpful when people like Carrie are able to work to meet these needs in a timely manner because it allows us to be responsive when a family requests help for household goods or other resources.

Gnome emergency funds can be accessed by ACPS counselors/family support workers to fill gaps in community resources by submitting a help request on behalf of their families thru our website.

FHF Help Page

Based on feedback at our last meeting, we have a new section on the website “Give Help” - - here you can volunteer with FHF and also you can see a list of other opportunities to help ACPS families. 

If individual schools have initiatives to help families/schools, please let us know and we’ll include a link to information here!

Click the following links for details and/or to support:

Packing supplies for the cleaning supply drive

Black Girl Brunch: “I’m thankful for you” Black girl Brunch!

On Saturday November 19th, The voice will hold their very first Black Girl Brunch. 

Guests are encouraged to dress nicely from dresses to pants, whatever makes you feel beautiful!


We do ask for no heels, as our venue doesn’t allow that. 


We can’t wait to see you all Saturday! 


The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, Charlottesville Virginia 


Saturday November 19th, 2022 at 12:00pm.


Doors will open at 11:40am, guests may arrive then at the earliest! 


Questions, Comments or Concerns Please contact our director Nya Bryant.

or text 434-566-6732

**To support this awesome student run project, Venmo: nbryant770 or Cashapp- $zeebry

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Everyone deserves to be celebrated.

We can help foster families and organizations by providing cakes to celebrate the kids who otherwise would go without.

Rumi Forum Charlottesville is organizing an art contest for middle school students in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. The Annual Peace and Dialogue Art Contest provides a creative environment in which our youth explore different social issues. 

This year, students are invited to submit an original artwork based on the theme of "Toward A Greener Planet". Students are expected to explore the environmental issues in our world, whether from a local or global perspective. Some of the topics to consider include but not limited to: reducing waste; conserving water; preventing pollution; recycling/composting and waste management; lowering greenhouse gas emission; renewable energy. 

For more information about the contest, please contact cville@rumiforum.org. The submission deadline for the contest is Friday, December 9, 2022. Please circulate this announcement with those who might be interested in it. 

November is Military Family Month

Things you can do to show support:

  • Adopt a military family for the holidays.
  • Offer to run errands for military spouses who may have their hands full with their children or even their pets.
  • Volunteer or donate services to military organizations.
  • Read upcoming legislation and learn how it impacts our military, veterans, and their families. Then write and call your legislators.
  • Families, participate in events all month long in your honor. Many organizations will be hosting dinners, webinars, educational opportunities, and more.

Use #MilitaryFamilyMonth to bring awareness on social media

November is National Adoption Month

How To Observe National Adoption Month

  • Visit local adoption agencies or events.
  • Learn more about adoption opportunities in your state. Share your adoption stories.
  • Support adopted couples in their journey to start a family.
  • Visit www.childwarefare.gov for more information.

Use #NationalAdoptionMonth to bring awareness on social media

November is National Gratitude Month

Celebrating the month can be done in several ways.

  • Start a gratitude journal. Write about someone or something you’re thankful for every day. You’ll find your appreciation for those around you grows deeper and more fond the longer you keep it. When you read back on what you’ve written, you’ll be able to reflect on the relationships and their accomplishments.
  • Share your gratitude with others. Letting someone know you’re grateful for their care, service, or friendship often lifts their spirits or lifts a burden.
  • Show your appreciation by giving back to your community, neighborhood, or favorite organization.

Use #NationalGratitudeMonth to bring awareness on social media

November is National Family Caregivers Month

How To Observe:

  • During November, consider providing respite for someone you know who provides care for a loved one.
  • Offer to spend time with them or to learn to help out.
  • Ask what you can do to make a difference.
  • Visit npaonline.org for more information.

Use #FamilyCaregiversMonth to bring awareness on social media

“In the coming year, we’re hoping to raise even more funds to be able to meet an increasing number of requests for emergency needs,” said FHF co-organizer Amanda Alger. “Mental health and transportation are two key needs that come up again and again.”

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

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