A message from Board President, Sheila Williams
Many are familiar with the concept that it takes a village to raise a child. Our village includes each and every one of you; our child is Serenity Grove. Women for Recovery started with a baby of an idea, and we have a growing toddler now. Serenity Grove is a thriving recovery house for women in an area where no such service existed. As president of the Board of Directors, I extend a deeply heartfelt thank you to all our donors, grantors, volunteers, staff, and all-volunteer Board members, past and present, for all that you do to contribute to our success. Our donors—large and small—are essential in allowing us to do the important work that we do. No matter the size of the donation, it contributes to our ability to continue to offer services. You responded most generously to our Direct Ask campaign, matching our board member donations and far exceeding our expectations. We are deeply touched and grateful for your support, and we pledge to continue providing excellent service to women who need a caring, supportive, substance-free living experience in their early recovery. 
Thank you!         -Sheila Williams 

Above: Pre-pandemic, OU Senior Nursing students present Board President Sheila Williams with funds raised at their Purple Gala event which highlighted issues of addiction and hopes of recovery in our region.

Volunteers from The John W. Clem Recovery House power wash Serenity Grove.
Below: Our Central Ohio Music Therapy and Yoga Instructors collaborated as they took sessions outside under the shade of Serenity Grove's stately oak and hickory trees over the summer.
Creativity in spite of COVID

In July, Ohio Poet Laureate Kari Gunter Seymour led a virtual poetry/writing workshop for our residents. Over the course of the summer, we also held two photographic writing workshops and a computer animation workshop in collaboration with OU as well as a
pre-pandemic financial skills workshop hosted by OUCU.
With limited indoor options, the pandemic provided opportunities to get outside and explore. We LOVED finding new places and parks together. We were also able to grow a beautiful bounty of fresh foods this summer utilizing our TEN house garden beds, each assigned to one individual to prepare, plant, tend, harvest, and share.
Rural Action Outdoor Education guided participants in a terrarium making project and created an outdoor mandala using items found on a nature walk.
Below: Third Sun Solar donated and installed a solar array to help offset electric utility costs.

Fall 2020 saw the installation of a much-needed concrete driveway extension, just in time to combat the snow and ice of 2021. As we scraped and salted again and again, the lesson became clear: the task at hand may seem daunting, but many hands make light work.

We are truly grateful to the community of Athens and the communities that stretch far beyond--our shared village.

Thank you.
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