You as a Global Leader
" Be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Gandhi
Welcome to the first You as a Global Leader bulletin!

We invite you to join our community of leaders who have
conversations about important leadership topics.

You were selected from our friends in the world of business, non-profit, education, government or life to join us in this leadership community -- "a group of like-minded people relating to each other in a supportive, direct, and conscious way." 

In 2013, John Gerzema and his team conducted a comprehensive study into the characteristics that people -- all around the world -- want in their 21st century leaders. His Athena study discovered that the qualities of being selfless, collaborative, resilient, expressive, and passionate were highly regarded.

The question then becomes, "How can I BECOME more ...?"

Who we are becoming will be the exploration in these bulletins. We will start our exploration with an article about the topic and a story that illustrates its use. We will continue that exploration in online conversations.

This first newsletter is devoted to the topic of Gratitude -- a pathway to being selfless and expressive.

I am grateful for your interest in expanding your capabilities as a leader and look forward to your contributions to our discussions.

Linda Alepin, Editor

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Generating Healthy Lives & Organizations Through Gratitude

By Barbara E. Key

Gratitude is a life-giving practice.

Appreciation is its close sibling.

Bring in the Clowns

by Camille Smith

What does a red clown nose have to do with stopping complaints?

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