November 25, 2020
Meet Nancy. Nancy introduces people to the Garden like none of us can. She is expertly versed on The Garden's unique attributes and quintessential narratives. We are always in awe at Nancy's flawless descriptions following her sing-song "Welcome to the Garden! Is this your first time here?" She reads her audience and always sticks the landing when it comes to discerning what any particular visitor wants to see and experience here at the Garden. And she is a big part of why people return.

Nowadays, it's nice to know that there is a place of resilience. Sustainability. Familiar sights and sounds. The experience of wonder. Comfort. The Garden is one of those places.

As we finally put the Garden to bed for winter, we remind ourselves that it will be back in its full glory in the spring. And until then, it will be covered in a beautiful blanket of snow with birds chirping in the stillness. Accessible pathways through the Garden provide visitors with a way to the prayer wheel... the bell rings with every spin as positive wishes rise up in the clear blue sky.

SBG relies on an increasingly diverse array of funding mechanisms. From valued annual memberships, educational programming fees, facility rentals, event income, gifts in-kind, admission fees, grant awards, and gift shop sales to our most valued and abundant source of funding: individual contributions and foundation giving.

Unfortunately, some of these revenue streams were drastically impacted by the effects of the global pandemic in 2020; however, the Garden continues to be bolstered by incredible financial support from people who realize its significance in and impact on our community.

As we enter another tenuous period of health and safety concerns that require further social distancing and recommendations to stay apart from loved ones, we encourage you to stay connected to one another through other means. We also encourage you to visit the Garden, say hello to Nancy and other staff members and volunteers from a distance... until we can collectively get a handle on navigating around and through this insidious and unseen enemy. Hope for the future is valuable and necessary.

And as 2020 comes to a close, we hope that this year brings acknowledgement for what we have lost, but mostly appreciation for what we all have. The Sawtooth Botanical Garden's Year End Appeal is in the mail - a simple letter requesting support for the provision of this wonderful little place. We are so grateful for your support!

Happy Thanksgiving - With Gratitude,
Jen & Staff
Board of Directors
Ambassadors Council
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