April 2023 | Issue 30
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From the Desk of Ana Gopoian

Gratitude, Humility and Awe

To stand in awe is truly an amazing experience. It instills a sense of peace, wonder and reverence and creates in us a desire to learn and understand. In a strangely comforting way, awe makes us feel somewhat small in relation to the many miracles that surround us each day. As Albert Einstein said, "One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality." 
Awe is inextricably intertwined with gratitude, humility and opportunity! We cannot help but be inspired to action by the practice of being awestruck, grateful and humble - the transformative power of these attitudes is uncanny.
I was given the opportunity to experience all three on a recent Saturday night in Sacramento, CA. That evening, I stood before thousands of people as the speaker at a convention for the twelve step program that saved my life. Once I swallowed the big lump in my throat and got control of my nerves, rapid heart rate and sweaty palms, I was struck by the opportunity I had been given to deliver a message of hope to the people who were looking back at me.
Suddenly, I stood in awe of something so much bigger than I, and the courage to speak washed over me like a warm summer rain. The shared pain and the lived experience in room was palpable, but so was the joy. I could see their faces and sense their tragedies, but I could also feel their triumphs. I wondered about each person present that day, where had they come from, what was their back story, what had they lost or gained through it all? I knew, without exception, they had all walked through their own fires. They were present and working through their own stories. As exposed and vulnerable as I felt speaking in front of all these people, I saw it as an honor, a privilege, and, oddly, a granting of permission for others to do and be the same. I am no better than anyone in the room; my life literally depends on my evolving continuously, learning from the lessons that present themselves, no matter how painful or scary. I'm grateful for all I have learned through the twelve steps, different sponsors, mentors, teachers, literature, in school buildings and schools of thought. I am very grateful in this moment to not have submitted to the suicidal ideations and plans that have regularly haunted me.
There is still so much to learn and so little time in this physical world to learn it; we are here for but a moment! Marianne Williamson wrote the poem: Our Deepest Fear, Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote: The Invitation, Don Miguel wrote: The Four Agreements,  Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote: The Sara Books. There are many others with teachings worth sharing: Maya Angelo, Brene' Brown, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc. 
Looking out at all these people, knowing that there are thousands in front of me, a small number in comparison to the millions living in long term recovery, knowing that the diversity amongst us is what unifies us and makes us stronger. I know the substances that brought us to our knees, desperate and hopeless. The substances we chose were the solutions for older experiences.

Some days, I rise out of bed full of determination to be part of the needed change; some days I crack myself up knowing I am a fierce advocate and I stay in recovery motivated by my knowing that the best way to get revenge on this disease is to live well and help support the needed changes. I will stay in recovery because, long ago, the clinician in treatment told me I wasn't part of the 10% that would make it. My response stands...watch me!

I began to share my story, to reach into each of their minds and hearts with words that I can gratefully say were not of me, but divinely inspired. The realization of our connectedness, in that moment and always, gave me a sense of peace and continuity. I was humbled by the vastness of this opportunity to gain clarity regarding our undeniable unity and to understand the nature of our existence as human beings - a profound experience was delivered to me that day and I am so very grateful for it. Awe, gratitude, and humility beget opportunity. With these tenets in the forefront, let's stay close to each other; let's seize the opportunities we are given in every moment and continue to evolve as individuals and as a "community of one."

Together WE are Stronger!

Introducing the Arrival of
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It has been a long time in the making, and many hands have played a part in bringing it to you! Hard work, persistence, teamwork and perseverance - that is what Tricircle is made of!
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TriCircle 2023 Memorial Scholarship
Applications Now Being Accepted
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TriCircle seeks to identify people who reside in Connecticut and have demonstrated a commitment to further their collegiate or vocational studies. We recognize that the epidemic of substance use disorder exists here in our state and that tragically thousands of wonderful people have died due to the disease of addiction. We have come together to continue this scholarship opportunity, originally created in honor of Michael F. Gagnon II. The TriCircle Memorial Scholarship will be awarding one $2,500 scholarship in 2023. Scholarship applications and information are available via the links below, by email to trish@tricircle.org, or can be picked up at our new office location: TriCircle, 169 Colony Street, 2nd Floor, Room 28, Meriden, CT 06451.
The signed, completed scholarship application and all supporting documentation must be received in one packet and postmarked
no later than June 7, 2023.

Access the scholarship forms here:
This retreat is for the self-care of parents, guardians and loved ones who have had someone in their lives die due to a substance related passing. We will be providing a support group meeting, yoga, meditation,
art project, refreshments, dinner, and smores by the bonfire.
This retreat is for the self-care of parents, guardians, and loved ones who have someone in their lives affected by the disease of addiction. We will be providing a support group meeting, yoga, meditation, art project, refreshments, dinner,
and smores by the bonfire.
Self Care Retreats made possible by funding from DMHAS.
Our May Spotlight

Jay "Majors" Raposo

Barbershop/Academy owner and master Barber Jay “Majors” Raposo set out to create a barbering event, uniting barbers and stylists from all over the world in his hometown state of Connecticut.
The CT Barber Expo is now the largest international Barber Competition and Expo in the world, the epicenter of the barbering community and talked about for months on social media. Barbers come from all over to compete in a variety of categories ranging from: Freestyle with Color, Freestyle Without Color, Speed Challenge, Theme Challenge and Self Hair Cutting Challenge. Attendance at last year's battle was over 10,000 people.

Jay's talents reach far past barbering. He has shared the lived experiences of his journey to inspire hope and create opportunities for people to learn the many facets of business: products, properties, presence, marketing, sustainability and social media presence necessary to build an empire.

This year is CT Barber Expo 12. This will be held at Mohegan Sun on May 20-22. Three action packed days will feature the Barber Grammy's, an incredible Barber Battle with several categories, educational classes by the industry’s top barbers and stylists, vendor booths, product demonstrations, platform artists, giveaways, and an after party. CT Barber Expo 2023 will be rock solid, with all of the amazing sponsors helping to make this year's event better than ever.

Thanks to Jay's generosity and deep commitment to our cause, TriCircle will have the honor of being present again at this year's Expo. Click here to learn more about attending. Stop by the TriCircle booth, #608 when you arrive!
Together WE are Stronger!
Free Yoga Classes
at our new location:
169 Colony Street
Second Floor, Room 28
Meriden, CT 06451
Join us on the last Saturday of every month at
10:00 am, all the way through May! Come enjoy some "me time" as you relax, unwind and center, courtesy of Toni McGovern of Inner Balance Living in Wallingford. Toni is a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach.
2022 Save the Dates
Wed, May 3 and Wed, May 17 - TriCircle's Drop In Setback, 1741 Pub & Grill, 70 Lyman Rd, Middlefield

Sat, May 27 - FREE Join Us For Yoga On The Mat, 169 Colony St, 2nd Floor, Meriden

Sat-Mon, May 20-22 - Connecticut Barber Expo, Mohegan Sun, Uncasville

May 2023 - TBD - TriCircle Online Auction, stay tuned for details

Sun, July 23 - The Twisted Trails 5K Color Run at Tamarack Lodge in Voluntown.

Sat, October 14 - Hope & Support Retreat, Story Barn, Somers

Sun, October 15 - Hope After Loss Retreat, Story Barn, Somers

Sun, October 22 - TriCircle's Annual Gala Brunch, Wallingford Elks Lodge

We are back at our regular Setback location - dates and times indicated below. Join us for some food, friends and fun!


Together WE are Stronger!
TriCircle is looking for people who are action oriented and passionate about our cause, or have a need for community service hours, to work with the Scholarship Committee or the Fundraising & Events Advisory Board. We welcome you to join us
please contact: danielle@tricircle.org for
information about joining Fundraising & Events!
We can always use more helping hands.

Our Scholarship Committee is hard at work and our next meeting will be announced soon! If you are interested in honoring your loved one through our TriCircle Scholarship, please inquire about making a donation or joining the committee by contacting Trish Williams at: trish@tricircle.org

We are looking for volunteers for the
Twisted Trails 5K Color Run at the enchanting and beautiful Tamarack Lodge in Voluntown, CT. If you need community service hours or would like to enjoy day filled with fun and festivities
while serving others, we would love to hear from you!
The proceeds from this event benefit TriCircle and four other
CT nonprofits. To learn more, contact Ceci at: cecischaritychallenge@gmail.com

Join us on Sunday, July 23 at Tamarack Lodge in Voluntown, CT

Hope & Support Groups provide a safe and confidential space for parents, guardians and others who are concerned about a loved one's substance use or addiction. All are welcomed and encouraged to utilize these services at no cost. Updated information and a link to the full rotating schedule of our Thursday evening Hope & Support Group
meetings will appear soon on Facebook
and in next month's newsletter.

Hope After Loss Groups offer a place where everyone understands. There is no judgment or blame, but rather support and understanding. Join us as we work together on this journey of healing. All are welcomed and encouraged to utilize these services at no cost. Updated information and a link to the full rotating schedule of our Monday evening
Hope After Loss Group meetings will appear soon on Facebook and in next month's newsletter.

Changes to our
Support Group Meetings
have begun.

Please click on the links below to see the full schedules for Mondays and Thursdays at each location and find out when and where there is a meeting near you. Zoom options will continue to be available.
Please email Ana for more details!


169 Colony Street
Second Floor, Room 28
Meriden, CT 06451

We are pleased to be located inside the Women and Families Center. This will allow for wonderful opportunities for us to expand the reach of our support services and resources as we cultivate this collaborative partnership. This location also provides increased accessibility with bus and train stops close by.

Together WE are Stronger!

Your input is greatly appreciated!

If any of our readers know of an organization, group or idea that will add strength, availability and reach
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