December 2020 | Issue 1
With Gratitude - Fond Farewells
As this year draws to a close, we extend our gratitude to CSG Chair, Wyoming Senator Michael Von Flatern for his leadership during this one-of-a-kind year. The letter linked below shares his thoughts on his experience as CSG West Chair.
Regional Policy
The Future of Work
State economies have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic creating an array of challenges for state legislatures. Beyond addressing the immediate needs, leaders must also look to the future to map out a recovery plan. During the recent Legislative Exchange session on The Fiscal State of the West and Preparing for the Future of Work, participants gathered virtually to receive updated resource information and an opportunity to share experiences from their respective states. Click below to read the session recap.
Binational Water Management - Challenges & Opportunities

The U.S. and Mexico share the waters of the Colorado River, Tijuana Rivers, and the Rio Grande which provide water necessary for communities to thrive on both sides of the border. As rising demands and scarcity of water resources along this arid region persist a number of challenges and opportunities have presented themselves. To address these topics, the Border Legislative Conference (BLC) hosted a virtual session facilitating conversation and information sharing from both perspectives. For a recap of the session, please click below.
U.S. Supreme Court Updates
Relaxed Restrictions for Religious Gatherings
Restrictions on public gatherings have been a topic of much debate during the pandemic. Public health officials continue to urge limitations on all group gatherings in an effort to curb community spread. Religious leaders have argued from another perspective that restricting service gatherings impedes their rights with regard to religious freedoms. In a recent case, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered an opinion on the matter. To read a recap of the case and the court's opinions, click below.
Jurisdiction Overlap of Tribal Police

Jurisdiction of legal authority between state, federal and tribal officials can, at times, be a complicated matter. In a recent case, the U.S. Supreme Court was asked to weigh in on where the lines of jurisdiction are drawn with regard to tribal authorities performing their duties on federal roadways with non-native citizens. To learn more about the case and the court's opinion, click below.
Pennsylvania Election Results

2020 election results have drawn a great deal of attention since November 3rd. Challenges have come from within the state, as well as from the federal level, focused on the legalities of expanding absentee voting to accommodate voting during a global pandemic. The state of Pennsylvania has been one of several states facing extreme scrutiny leading to the U.S. Supreme Court being asked to provide an opinion. To learn more about this case and the court's recent decision, click below.
Member Resources
COVID-19 State Emergency Measures
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic NEMA has provided data updates on state emergency measures providing snapshot details for government officials to use. Updated details, current as of November 19, 2020, can be accessed by clicking below.
COVID-19 State Resources
Be sure to check out the CSG COVID-19 resource site for updated information on initiatives and resources related to state responses to the pandemic.
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