"Your hardest times can lead to some of the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end."

Do you remember making the turkey handprint craft when you were a little kid? Mine always turned out looking like a dilapidated pigeon. As the youngest child in my family, this was particularly mortifying because my sorry pigeon would be displayed alongside my more capable and crafty siblings' turkeys.

Even at the ripe old age of 4, I was learning hard lessons. A failed turkey craft may not seem like a big deal, but to a small person, these things can seem huge.

As we grow, both victories and disappointments grow as well. There are times when life is just overwhelming. We want to encourage you...

Keep Going. 

You are becoming the incredible creation God intends you to be.

He will pour you out as a blessing for others.

"Each embryo life we created was respected and had a chance to become the precious individual they were created to be."

It has always been our opinion that life begins at conception. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with an extreme case of endometriosis that we wondered if we could have the family we felt we were meant to have and not violate our morals.

When my husband and I ran into fertility struggles, like many others, we had to start to think ‘outside of the box’ regarding how to start a family. We have friends who decided against IVF over 20 years ago because they were against the idea of their embryos (children) being discarded or remaining frozen indefinitely. I had learned about embryo adoption after seeing something in the media, and so I began to research this unique form of adoption.

Who would care for our unborn children?

Read more about how Nightlight Christian Adoptions helped us to make their plans a reality!

Celebrating 25 years of adoptions,

 and we are counting UP to the birth of Snowflakes baby 1,000!

Celebrate Snowflakes!

An autumn display of new Snowflakes babies

This month we are welcoming 16 Snowflakes babies. THREE of those individual babies were born

on the same day- October 12!




T & C welcomed their son Evan

C & B welcomed their daughter Chapal

M and L welcomed their son Jude

J & T welcomed their daughter Monroe

A & H welcomed their son Canaan

A & C welcomed their son Amos

M & K welcomed their daughter Bethany

K and F welcomed their daughter Isabelle

J & N welcomed their daughter Joanna

M & K welcomed their sons Owen and Hunter

C & K welcomed their son Andrew

C & A welcomed their son Callaghann

M & B welcomed their daughter Wrenley

M and M welcomed their son Micah

C & S welcomed their daughter Ivy 

Snowflakes brother, Ethan, wraps his arms around new Snowflakes arrival, Evan

Sweet Chapal is cocooned in beautiful blue

Wrapped in his animal print blanket, Jude dreams of visits to the Zoo in his near future

Cuddling with mommy is Monroe's favorite activity

Canaan is the picture perfect little pumpkin!

Amos is dreaming of hot air balloon rides!

Adorned in polka dots, hearts and pink bows, Bethany is a trendsetter already!

Sweetly swaddled, Isabelle is catching some Zzzzzz's

Joanna has settled into a sweet nap after her arrival

Twins, Owen and Hunter, are taking turns sleeping and waking!

Andrew is already grabbing ahold of enjoying the little things

Callaghann proudly represents his October birth month

Welcome Wrenley! You content little one!

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Celebrate Snowflakes!