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November is Thank Your Mentee Month!
We at MENTOR Rhode Island are always grateful for our mentors. But we can't forget the incredible impact that the young people that we serve have on us as mentors and adults! This month, thank a young person for what they do - for persevering through COVID, for overcoming challenges, for being a bright spot in someone's day. And once you have thanked that young person, put your gratitude into action by becoming a mentor or reaching out to someone who would be a great mentor and encouraging them to give of their time. Mentoring is a way to amplify your gratitude. Click on the button below - or forward this to someone you have in mind.
Native American Heritage Month
November is Native American Heritage Month! Learning about the rich and varied traditions and cultures of Indigenous communities is key to forming meaningful connections with Native youth. Rhode Island has incredible resources to learn about local tribes and the history of our Native peoples. Learn about strategies to connect with Native youth here.
Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge - January 1, 2022
After last year's modified event, the 2022 Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge is back on as our New Year's Day tradition! Thanks to the ongoing sponsorship by Laid Back Fitness, this will be our 11th year of supporting MENTOR Rhode Island with a chilly dip and fun on the beach at Goddard Park. Register for your spot in the Bay today!
Workshop Tomorrow! (11/16/21) - Queer Inclusive Programming
MENTOR Rhode Island is proud to offer a workshop for our communities on designing programs for youth that identify as LGBTQ+. Did you know that LGBTQ+ youth experience significant health disparities? Learn more about prevention efforts for this community by joining us for this free conversation, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16th from 10:00-11:30am. Register here.
Thankful for you and our mentees!

Jo-Ann and your MENTOR RI Team:
Jana, Pamela, Marc, Nichole, Christopher, Marisol, L.A., Stewie, Cathy, and Alyssa
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