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Kim Pentecost is gifted with the skill to empower you to stay authentic on your unique Spiritual path in business and in your personal life. She is an internationally known speaker, intuitive coach, and teacher. Her compassionate wisdom speaks right to the heart of complex issues. With this insight, she weaves healing, restructuring and direction of growth with gentle humor. Through WisdomDance, she offers workshops, retreats, business consulting and personal intuitive sessions.

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June is always a big gratitude month for me. This is the time I reflect on the past year; what I have learned, what adventures have taken place and if there were any regrets that still need healing. Then I turn to the coming year; what I want to attract into my life, offer my clients and students, accomplish and where I want to travel. My heart always lands with my children, friends, parents, family, clients, students and colleagues - all together.
I am so greatful that your path and mine have crossed. You provide me with the opportunity to learn everyday. I see more, understand the workings of the Universe more keenly, look more deeply at the subtleties of our inner selves, and am filled with how amazing it is to be human on this majestic planet.
This year has also brought into focus the frailty and, equally, the power of the human body. I am intimately reminded of the essentialness of taking great care; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. Yes, I work with this everyday with you. This year, my body came front and center. So much so that my memory was affected and I have mis-scheduled appointments, forgotten to send things and have had to cut back on my available hours. That has been a huge challenge for me as I love what I do. And yet, in always striving to do my best, for a while I must limit the time I work.  
Spirit has shown me that, if I really pay attention and take care of myself, this too shall pass. I have even had to give up my beloved coffee - or, to be honest, I am slowly coming off my morning wake up juice. I will miss it, but I love my liver more. Somehow, drinking warm water in the morning just isn't as satisfying - or sexy!
Thank the Universe, I am still working. I am still clear and grounded when I work. I just can't sustain that for more than a few hours at a time. The idea of slowing down was scary and, yet, as I am getting used to it, it has become empowering.
I am no longer working in a deficit of energy. I get more exercise. I laugh more and I started writing again. I am developing a new relationship with my whole self and with Spirit. I am practicing what I preach, which is being in trust and knowing with Source. It is working!
I wish all of you the best summer ever, whether you are on wild adventures or taking a well deserved break from the world. I wish you health and joy.
May you know yourself better and be in love with the world. May you allow the beautiful world to heal you.
May we all breathe in the love and healing that has been missing in small and large ways.
Thank you for being you and being in my life.


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My girl cat, Lalita, came from her rescue and she has helped me when I took in Sam, a cat that had been dumped in my neighborhood. Thank you for your help with this worthy cause.  

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