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March 2017
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Lunch and Learn
Jewish Galicia - Vibrant Past Rediscovered

Dr. Andrew Zalewski
March 22, 2017
12:15 - 1:30 p.m
Passover Preparation
What's on Your Plate This Passover? 
Make Your Seder Meaningful.

Dr. Saul Wachs
March 23-April 6 
1:00-3:00 pm
Contact:  Hope Matles
Historic Haggadot
Special Exhibit at The Tuttleman Library

Collector/Speaker: Ierachmiel (Yerach) Daskal M.D., Ph.D.
Thursday, April 6, 
3:15 pm
Contact: Hope Matles
Gratz College CLE

Save the Date
Friday, April 28, 2017
Contact:  Mindy Cohen
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Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that I write this first president's letter since being named interim president of Gratz College. To introduce myself in a more personal way, I sat down with our newsletter editor for an interview, which is featured below. You can also always feel free to contact me at Gratz; I would love to hear from you.

This issue of the Gratz College Insider provides a sneak peek into one of the many new programs that Gratz is planning to launch this year: the master's (and bachelor's) in Jewish Professional Studies. In celebration of Purim, this issue also includes two recommendations for humorous reading from Professor Joseph Davis, as well as a Purim recipe with a Sephardic twist in "The Gratz Gourmet" column.

Chag sameach,

Rabbi Erin Hirsh

Interview With Gratz Interim President Rabbi Erin Hirsh

Rabbi Hirsh opens up in an interview with the editor of the Gratz College Insider. She shares her feelings about Gratz, her reaction to being named interim president and her goals for the College's future. Read more .
Gratz to Introduce New Program in Jewish Professional Studies
There is excitement in the air here at Gratz as we plan to launch a host of new programs over the next six months. This summer we will roll out our new Jewish Professional Studies program, which gives students much-desired flexibility in designing a course of study targeted to their specific career goals. Read more.
Two Purim Must-Reads
Since parody is an age-old Purim tradition, we reached out to Professor Joseph Davis for recommendations for Purim humor. Dr. Davis is Gratz's associate professor of Jewish thought, and is also the author of his own Jewish parody, called "Vegetables of the Fathers" (in Hebrew, " Pirkei Yerakot "). Read more.
The Gratz Gourmet
Photo by Linda Capeloto Sendowski, author of The Boreka Diary and Sephardic Baking From Nona and More Favorites.

It's Purim - and for most people, that means hamantaschen. But Jewish families of different backgrounds also enjoy other traditional foods on this holiday. In some Sephardic homes, families with young children wake up on Purim to a special treat, often served for breakfast, called Huevos de Haman, also known as Folares or Foulares. Read more.
Happy Birthday, Rebecca!
This month we celebrated the birthday of a remarkable woman. A woman who helped found four charitable organizations, who established and directed a Jewish Sunday school, and who raised her six nieces and nephews after the death of her sister. A modern-day superwoman? Not even close. Read more.
Gratz News in Brief
Our New Look Is Coming!

Gratz is getting a new logo! The new logo has a script "Gimel" to reflect that we are a Jewish institution. If you study the image, you can also see our "G" and "C." To many people, the design suggests a power button on a computer, signifying our strong online identity. The blue that we associate with our Jewishness is now a more vibrant blue than the outgoing logo, and the complementary rich green is a more collegiate combination than our light blue and white. Look for the new logo in the next issue of the Insider!