Town of Gravenhurst's

Short-Term Rental (STR) Program

Sharing Important Information to those involved in the STR program

Are you being a Good Neighbour?

Here are a Few Tips on being Neighbourly in Gravenhurst!

No Daytime Burning!


Through By-law 2023-20, no daytime burning is permitted in Gravenhurst from April 1 - October 31, from 8:00am - 6:00pm. For more information, and to know what kind of fire you can have on your property, please visit

Fire Danger Rating: MODERATE

The current fire danger rating is moderate, meaning you and your renters can carry out permitted fire activities with caution. As the rating is verified daily, please monitor the Forest Fire Danger Rating site for current information.

Be Mindful of your Noise Level!

Make sure you are respecting Gravenhurst's quiet and comfortable community by keeping your noise to a minimum! Make sure you are familiar with Schedules A and B of By-law 2023-062 that regulates the noise in Gravenhurst.

Be Considerate of when you set off your Fireworks!

Fireworks are permitted in the Town of Gravenhurst, however we do urge you to be cautious and courteous of your neighbours when setting them off!

Animal and Wildlife Support!

By-law 2018-26 regulates the control and licencing of animals within Gravenhurst. It specifically highlights how our By-law division handles lost dogs and wildlife issues!

Looking for More Information?

If you haven't had a chance to check them out, the Town has created an easy go-to site explaining how you can be a good renter and a good landlord in Gravenhurst. Be sure to fill out the form if you would like a physical copy mailed to you!

General STR Information

Any Problems or Concerns?

If you have any problems or concerns regarding the program or anything in the community, please fill out our Report a Problem Form to bring it to our attention.

Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT)

The MAT 4% is to be applied to the accommodation fee of your renters stay. The email from ORHMA contains information about online reporting and remittance tool. Please visit our MAT website for more information.

Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS)

By-law 2022-103 regulates the enforcement and penalties related to not following the Short-term Rental By-law 2022-58

2024 Licence Renewal

The renewal process for application intake is currently being established, stay tuned for more information on how to obtain your 2024 licence.

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Contact Information

By-law Info:

Kristen Ford
Manager of By-law Services  
Development Services
705-687-3412 ext. 2266  
 Licence Application Info:

Hailey Lehman
Administrative Clerk
Legislative Services 
705-687-3412 ext. 2231 

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